Logical Reasoning Questions With Answer PDF

Logical Reasoning Questions With Answer PDF

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Logical reasoning questions are an important component of many exams, particularly those that test analytical and problem-solving skills. These questions typically require test-takers to use critical thinking and deduction to arrive at the correct answer, often involving a series of steps or rules to follow.

There are several reasons why Logical Reasoning Questions With Answer PDFs are useful for exam preparation:

  1. They provide practice: Solving Logical Reasoning questions with answers helps test-takers become familiar with the types of questions they may encounter on the exam. This familiarity can help reduce test anxiety and improve performance.
  2. They improve reasoning skills: Solving Logical Reasoning questions requires logical and analytical thinking, which are important skills for success in many fields. Practicing these skills can improve overall reasoning abilities and increase problem-solving capabilities.
  3. They highlight weak areas: Logical Reasoning Questions With Answer PDFs often cover a variety of topics and question types. By practicing a range of questions, test-takers can identify areas where they may need further study or practice.
  4. They improve speed and accuracy: Logical Reasoning questions often have time constraints, so practicing with a variety of questions can help test-takers improve their speed and accuracy in solving problems.

Overall, Logical Reasoning Questions With Answer PDFs are an important tool for exam preparation. They provide practice, improve reasoning skills, highlight weak areas, and improve speed and accuracy.

logical reasoning Topics

  • Puzzles and Seating Arrangement:
  • Syllogism:
  • Data Sufficiency:
  • Coding-decoding:
  • Blood Relation:
  • Order and Ranking:
  • Alpha Numeric Symbol Series:
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Non-Verbal Reasoning
  • Vein Diagram
  • Number series
  • Analogy
  • Coding-Decoding
  • Calendar
  • Dice
  • Cube
  • Inequalities


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logical reasoning questions with answers

) 1] पौधा   2] खाद्य   3] बीज  4] पत्ती  5] फूल

Answer is C) 3_1_4_5_2

2) 1]फल  2]फूल  3]बीज  4]परागण  5]कली

Answer is D) 5, 2, 4, 1, 3

3)  1]चट्टान  2]पहाड़ी  3]पर्वत  4]पर्वतमाला  5]पत्थर

Answer is B) 5, 1, 2, 3, 4

4) 1]मकान  2]सड़क  3]कमरा  4]क़स्बा  5]जिला

Answer is B) 3, 1, 4, 2, 5

5) 1]शिशु  2]वृद्ध  3]प्रौढ़  4]किशोर  5]बालक

Answer is C) 1, 5, 4, 3, 2

logical reasoning questions and answers

6)  1]दुर्घटना  2]न्यायाधीश  3]डॉक्टर  4]वकील  5]पुलिस

Answer is B) 1, 3, 5, 4, 2

7) 1]पुस्तक  2]लुग्दी  3]लकड़ी का लठ्ठा  4]वन  5]कागज

Answer is C) 4, 3, 2, 5, 1

8) 1]वर्षा  2]मानसून  3]बचाव  4]बाढ़  5]शरण  6]राहत

Answer is C) 2, 1, 4, 3, 5, 6

9) 1]इंद्रधनुष  2]बच्चा  3]सूरज  4]ख़ुशी  5]वर्षा

Answer is B) 5, 3, 1, 2, 4

10) 1]शहद  2]फूल  3]मक्खी  4]मोम

Answer is B) 2_3_1_4


11) 1]परिवार  2]समुदाय  3]सदस्य  4]इलाका  5]देश

Answer is A)3,1,2,4,5

12) 1]गरीबी  2]आबादी  3]मृत्यु  4]बेरोजगारी  5]बीमारी

Answer is B)2,4,1,5,3

13) 1]स्थान  2]योजना  3]किराया  4]मुद्रा  5]मकान

Answer is A)4,1,2,5,3

14)  1]चाबी  2]दरवाजा  3]ताला  4]कमरा  5]बत्ती जलना

Answer is D)1,3,2,4,5

15) 1]पुलिस  2]दण्ड  3]अपराध  4]न्यायमूर्ति  5]फैसला

Answer is D)3,1,4,5,2

logical reasoning questions and answers

16) 1]तना  2]जड़  3]फल  4]फूल  5]शाखा  6]पत्ती

17) 1]सोना  2]लोहा  3]बालू  4]प्लेटिनम  5]हीरा

Answer is B)3,2,1,5,4

18)  1]धागा  2]पौधा  3]साड़ी  4]रुई  5]कपड़ा

Answer is A)2,4,1,5,3

19)  1]हाथी  2]बिल्ली  3]मच्छर  4]बाघ  5]ह्वेल

Answer is C)3,2,4,1,5  

20) 1]यौवन  2]वयस्क  3]बचपन  4]शैशव  5]वृद्धावस्था

Answer is C)4,3,1,2,5


21) 1]आवेदन  2]चयन  3]परीक्षा  4]साक्षात्कार

Answer is A)1,3,4,2

22) 1]डॉक्टर  2]बुखार  3]दवा  4]दवाखाना

Answer is C)2,1,4,3

23) 1]सजा  2]जेल  3]गिरफ़्तारी  4]अपराध  5]फैसला

Answer is C)4,3,5,1,2

24) 1]मेंढक  2]गिद्ध  3]टिड्डा  4]सर्प  5]घास

Answer is B)5,3,1,4,2

25)  1]समुद्र  2]क्षुद्र नदी  3]महासागर  4]नदी  5]हिमनद

Answer is C)5,2,4,1,3

Reasoning questions with answers

26) 1]जन्म  2]मृत्यु  3]अंत्येष्टि  4]विवाह  5]शिक्षा

Answer is C)1,5,4,2,3

27) 1]खिड़की  2]दीवार  3]फर्श  4]नींव  5]छत  6]कमरा

Answer is C)4,2,1,5,3,6

28) 1]माता  2]बच्चा  3]दूध  4]रोना  5]मुस्कुराना

Answer is B)2,4,1,3,5

29) 1]आमदनी  2]मर्यादा  3]शिक्षा  4]खुशहाली  5]नौकरी

Answer is D)3,5,1,2,4

30) 1]जिला  2]गाँव  3]राज्य  4]शहर

Answer is C)2,4,1,3

31) P3C, R5F, T8I, V12L, ?

Answer is C) X17O

32) 23B?, 6?FG, ?5D?, 8?HI

Answer is B) C,7,4,E,9

33) 3F, 6G, 11I, 18L, ?


nswer is C) 27P

34) KM5, IP8, GS11, EV14, ?

Answer is D) CY17

35) 2A11, 4D13, 12G17, ?

Answer is D) 48J23

36) J2Z, K4X, I7V, ? ,H16R, M22P

Answer is C) L11T

37) 2Z5, 7Y7, 14X9, 23W11, 34V13, ?


Answer is A) JRH


Answer is B) SIP

40) ABE, BCF, CDG, ? , EFI

Answer is D) DEH

41) BEN, KNQ, TWZ, ?

Answer is B) CFI

42) FLP, INS, LPV, ?

Answer is A) ORY

43) shg, rif, qje, pkd, ?

Answer is B) olc

44) LXF, MTJ, NPN, OLR, ?

Answer is A) PHV

45) MHZ, NIW, OKT, PNQ, ?

Answer is B) QRN

Logical Reasoning Questions and Answers PDF

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