English Grammar Book 2023 PDF Download

English Grammar Book 2023 PDF Download

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Free English Grammar Book PDF Download:- The ability to English Grammar Book PDF 2023 Download And Composition will be a great blessing in your life. English skills can improve your daily life, help you pursue educational opportunities, lead to better employment, and expand your circles of friends and acquaintances. Master English Grammar PDF Download 2022-2023 covered thoroughly under the guidance of subject experts.

This Complete English Grammar 2023 Books Free Download PDF Targets mainly all competitive exams like SSC CPO, SSC CHSL, SSC CGL, SSC MTS, FCI, and all BANK exams. We have provided the direct link to the notes of English Grammar Notes here! You can download it by clicking on the download link given below! If you have any kind of problem then you can write us in the comment box given below. We will assist you ASAP! We would be happy to assist you!

General English Grammar 2023 PDF Download For Banking, SSC, RRB, FCI, UPSC, State PCS, Insurance & other Competitive exams. serious aspirants who are seeking to crack SSC EXAMS, BANK EXAMS, and UPSC exams. here we are providing you Arihant English Grammar Book pdf course Based on The Hindu News Paper.

most important words are placed in this English Grammar 2023 Book Free PDF Download, you can download these English Grammar book PDF Notes very simply by clicking on the Download Button at the bottom. This post is dedicated to downloading our mynotesadda.com for free PDFs, which is the latest exam pattern-based pdf for, SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, SSC MTS, SSC CPO, SBI PO, SBI CLARK, IBPS PO, IBPS CLARK, LIC AAO.  you have to improve the vocabulary section to crack these exams.


English Grammar More PDF Download

Topics of English Grammar:-

  1. Some Basic Terms of English
  2. Know the English Fundamentals
  3. Articles
  4. Translation and Tense
  5. Sequence of Tense
  6. Noun
  7. Determiners/Adjectives
  8. Adverbs
  9. The Verbs
  10. Syntax: Subject-Verb Agreement
  11. Non-Finite
  12. Pronoun
  13. Participle
  14. Articles
  15. Gerund
  16. Reported Speech (Direct-Indirect Narrations)
  17. Active Voice Passive Voice
  18. Conjunctions
  19. Transformation of Sentences
  20. Preposition
  21. A Few Proverbs
  22. Conditional Sentences
  23. The Interjection (!)
  24. Sentence Structure and Analysis
  25. Question Tag
  26. Synthesis of Sentences
  27. Unenglish & Superfluous Expressions
  28. Question Framing
  29. Use of Capital Letters and Punctuation
  30. Formation of Words
  31. Spelling Rules
  32. Phrasal Verbs
  33. Idioms and Phrases Contents
  34. Comprehension
  35. One Word Substitutions
  36. Antonyms
  37. Related Pairs of Words
  38. Specific Use of Words (Similar Meaning)
  39. Ordering of Sentences
  40. Hindi Words
  41. Double Blanks in a Sentence
  42. Word Power
  43. Antonyms/Synonyms
  44. Contronyms
  45. Homographs
  46. Synonyms
  47. Homonyms
  48. Spotting the Errors
  49. Cloze Test/Cloze Passage
  50. Miscellaneous Exercises (Correct the Sentences)
  51. Heteronyms
  52. Palindromes
  53. Paronyms
  54. Pangrams
  55. Phrase Substitution or Sentence Improvement
  56. Unusual Word Forms
  57. Foreign Words
  58. Group Terms
  59. Choosing Appropriate Words
  60. Some Peculiar Expressions
  61. Animals, Males, Females, Youngs and Group Terms
  62. Collective Names of Animals
  63. Young Ones of Animals
  64. Words Used as Different Parts of Speech
  65. Words Used in the Constitution
  66. Paragraph Writing
  67. Letter Writing
  68. Precis Writing
  69. Report Writing
  70. Words Never Used in Good Sense

English Grammar Question:-

1. The fan is ___ The table .
a) Over 
c) on 
d) In 
Ans : On 
2. Stela eat the cookies ___the Class .
a) on 
b) in 
c) During 
d) through 
Ans : C 
3. Correct the sentences ,use the appropriate prepositions . 
Where did she go ? 
a) of 
b) to 
d) on 
Ans: where did she go to ?
4. PV Sindhu is famous ____ Badminton .
a) At 
b) of
c) on 
d) For 
Ans : D 
5. The Cricket team stood ______ each other ?  
a) between 
b) Next to 
C) Opposite 
d) behind
Ans: Opposite 
6. The man was ____ smuggling and murder .
a) admit to 
b) afraid of 
c) accuse of 
d) agree with 
Ans : C 
7.  Tollywood movies can be ______ Hollywood in some respects . 
a) Compare to 
b) Compare with 
c) Commit to 
d) Combine into 
Ans : B 
8. Some persons do not _____ for Health. 
a) Care about 
b) care for 
c) Careful of 
d) comit to 
Ans : B 
9. The bike was parked ____ the gate .
a) On 
b) in 
d) at 
Ans : C 
10. The Horse is standing _____ the stable.
a) infront of 
b) Over 
c) behind 
d) near 
Ans : C   

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English Grammar Questions Answers 

 11. He was lived in this City _______ 1999 .
a) For 
c) By 
Ans : B 
12. Soldiers go to Camp _________
a)by bus
b)with bus
c)in bus 
d)On Bus 
Ans : A 
13. July is very beautiful ________  her sister 
a) In Place of 
b)On behalf of 
c)In comparison to 
d)In front of 
Ans : C 
14. He is always ________ losing the love of her parents 
a) For fear of 
b)In fear of 
c)In need of 
d)In search of 
Ans : B 
15. Indian Institute of Technology is _________ AICTE
a) Affiliated with 
b) Affiliated to 
c)Admit of 
d) Admit for 
Ans : B 
16. A business man  is _________  the Bank manager for a Loan
a) Agree to 
b) Apologize for 
c)Appeal to 
d) Appeal to be 
Ans : C 
17. She ___________ his rude behaviour 
a) Complain against 
b) Complain of 
c) Complain for 
d) Complain on 
Ans : B 
18. Cat jumped ______ the wall 
a) On 
b) Upon 
c) into 
d) to 
Ans : B 
19.we arrived _____ delhi in the Evening
a) on 
d) For 
Ans : C 
 20. I am _______ speaking to girls
a)Angry at
b) Afraid of 
c)Afraid to 
d) Ashamed of 
Ans : B 
21. There is no cure ________ the Common cold 
Ans : A 
22. She is a women _______ humble origin.
Ans : B 
23. My grandmother enjoyed boating _________ the Lovely lake.
Ans : A 
24.I ran ________ John yesterday,and it was a pleasant surprise .
Ans : B 
25. I accepted the offer _______ certain conditions.
Ans : On 

English vocabulary Questions

1.  what is synonym of Dilatory.

a. slow

b. clam

c. moody

d. rage

Ans: a

2. what is synonym of Turbid (adjective)

a. sombre

b. muddy

c. arcane

d. intrepid

Ans: b

3. which one is the following related to the  Showing a willingness to take surprisingly
bold risks”.

a. Audacious

b. Tenacity

c. Pique

d. Ossify

Ans: a

4. what is synonym of Assay.

a. analysis

b. rebuke

c. zeal

d. assent

Ans: a

5. The Ability to make good judgements and
take quick decisions.

a. umbrage

b. Acumen

c. Ardour

d. Insouciant

Ans: b

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