SSC CGL English Grammar handwritten notes pdf 2023

SSC CGL English Grammar handwritten notes pdf 2023

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SSC CGL English Grammar handwritten notes pdf 2023:- Today, we are sharing SSC CGL English Grammar handwritten notes pdf 2023 for you. This SSC CGL English Grammar handwritten notes pdf 2023 for upcoming examination like 3rd Grade TEACHER, REET, 2nd Grade TEACHER, 1st Grade TEACHER, SSC CGL, BANK, AAI, DDA, DSSSB, CTET, UPTET, HTET, PTET, ALL STATE TEACHER EXAM. SSC CGL English Grammar handwritten notes pdf 2023 can prove to be important for the preparation of upcoming government exams like SSC CGL, BANK, RAILWAYS, RRB NTPC, LIC AAO, and many other exams. English grammar book is very important for any Competitive exam.

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SSC CGL English Grammar Question Answer

Q.1 : He refused to attend the meeting…………………..his illness.
(a) on part of
(b) on point of
(c) on the ground of
(d) with a view to
Answer : on the ground of

Q.2 : A kind of large flower that grows in water.
(a) rose
(b) lotus
(c) sunflower
(d) lilly
Answer : lotus

Q.3 : Ground military operation with a set purpose is called.
(a) attack
(b) campaign
(c) defeat
(d) retreat
Answer : campaign

Q.4 : Someone who offer himself to do something without being paid.
(a) volunteer
(b) leader
(c) preacher
(d) servant

Answer : volunteer
Q.5 : A person who lives next door is called.
(a) friend
(b) neighbour
(c) lover
(d) relative
Answer : neighbour

Q.6 : A person who flies an aeroplane is called.
(a) driver
(b) crew
(c) pilot
(d) captain
Answer : pilot

Q.7 : A place where all kinds of pleasures are available.
(a) circus
(b) cinema hall
(c) theatre
(d) paradise
Answer : paradise

Q.8 : A place where birds from many countries come for shelter is called.
(a) resting
(b) neat
(c) sanctuary
(d) migration

Q.9 : Stories handed down form older times containing early belifes of a race are called.
(a) tales
(b) hearsay
(c) myths
(d) false
Answer : myths

Q.10 : A dishonest person who plays tricks on other is called,
(a) helper
(b) rogue
(c) robber
(d) decoit
Answer : rogue

SSC CGL English Grammar Question Answer

Q.11 : Time duration when a team is batting is called,
(a) batting time
(b) bowling time
(c) innings
(d) filding
Answer : batting time

Q.12 : Remaims of very old plants and animals are called.
(a) symbols
(b) signs
(c) fossils
(d) old stuff
Answer : fossils

Q.13 : When we save some thing from injury or decay we are …….it.
(a) preserving
(b) saving
(c) creating
(d) decomposing
Answer : preserving

Q.14 : A place where bees live and store honey called.
(a) hive
(b) nest
(c) cottage
(d) tree
Answer : hive

Q.15 : To make environment dirty and unhealthy is called.
(a) pollute
(b) dameg
(c) global warming
(d) slumps
Answer : pollute

Q.16 : Mainbody of salt water on earth is known as.
(a) river
(b) ocean
(c) tank
(d) lake
Answer : ocean

Q.17 : A place where young plants are raised is called.
(a) park
(b) garden
(c) nursery
(d) forest
Answer : nursery

Q.18 : A substance which causes death if absorbed by living beings.
(a) oil
(b) poison
(c) milk
(d) drugs
Answer : poison

Q.19 : A person who composes epics lyrics etc is called.
(a) novelist
(b) acritic
(c) poet
(d) an autobiographer
Answer : poet

Q.20 : He didn`t eat his …………….dessert.
(a) portion
(b) proportin
(c) ark
(d) are
Answer : portion

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SSC CGL English Grammar Question Answer

Q.21 : Would it be better to make our own rules or…………..theirs?
(a) assess
(b) adapt
(c) adopt
(d) none
Answer : adopt

Q.22 : She was………….at using graphics to illustrate complex ideas.
(a) adapt
(b) adept
(c) assent
(d) excess
Answer : adept

Q.23 : I know all the answers on the test………the last one.
(a) accept
(b) access
(c) excess
(d) except
Answer : except

Q.24 : I doubt he will…………….to the arrangement.
(a) accent
(b) ascent
(c) access
(d) assent
Answer : assent

Q.25 : Please………… site to your bookmark list.
(a) assess
(b) ad
(c) adapt
(d) add
Answer : add

Q.26 : The back door is……………….from this path.
(a) assessable
(b) excessible
(c) accessible
(d) adaptable
Answer : accessible

Q.27 : Do not ……………….in the affairs of others.
(a) meadl
(b) medial
(c) meddle
(d) med
Answer : meddle

Q.28 : He ……………..better but he did anyway.
(a) knew
(b) new
(c) nwe
(d) knell
Answer : knew

Q.29 : A doughnut has a ………….in the center.
(a) hole
(b) whoule
(c) holm
(d) none
Answer : hole

Q.30 : Only …………can make my life complete.
(a) ewe
(b) you
(c) yew
(d) none of these
Answer : you

SSC CGL English Grammar Question Answer

Q.31 : Shkespeare was a famous play-
(a) right
(b) write
(c) wright
(d) writ
Answer : wright

Q.32 : He ……………….sandwiches for their lunch.
(a) made
(b) maid
(c) mad
(d) mead
Answer : made

Q.33 : The honeybee returned to……………hive.
(a) its
(b) it`s
(c) eats
(d) it
Answer : its

Q.34 : If you don`t sit down ………………..scream.
(a) aisle
(b) isle
(c) i`ll
(d) none of these
Answer : i`ll

Q.35 : A chrismas treat is ……….pudding.
(a) plum
(b) piumb
(c) pluma
(d) none of these
Answer : plum

Q.36 : The cow kicked over the milk………………..
(a) pail
(b) pale
(c) pal
(d) palate
Answer : pail

Q.37 : He had his …………………on a tweed jacked.
(a) i
(b) eye
(c) ear
(d) ewe
Answer : eye

Q.38 : Tolstory was a ………………..russian writer
(a) grate
(b) great
(c) grti
(d) greet
Answer : great

Q.39 : There are seven days in one…………….
(a) week
(b) weak
(c) weal
(d) eakk
Answer : week

Q.40 : I would ……………like to go with you.
(a) knot
(b) not
(c) nanught
(d) none of these
Answer : not

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