Idioms And Phrases PDF For SSC Exam

Idioms and Phrases PDF For SSC Exam

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Idioms and phrases are an essential part of the English language, and they play a crucial role in enhancing one’s communication skills. For students preparing for competitive exams like SSC, understanding and using idioms and phrases correctly is of utmost importance. Here are some reasons why an Idioms and Phrases PDF is essential for SSC exam preparation:

Helps improve comprehension skills: Idioms and phrases are often used in everyday language, and being familiar with them can help you understand the context of a conversation or a written piece better.

Enhances communication skills: Using idioms and phrases in the right context can make your communication more effective, impactful, and impressive.

Increases vocabulary: Idioms and phrases add to your vocabulary, making you a more confident speaker and writer.

Helps in scoring high in exams: Competitive exams like SSC often have questions related to idioms and phrases, and having a good knowledge of them can help you score well in the exam.

Boosts confidence: Being familiar with idioms and phrases can help you communicate more confidently and effectively in any situation.

In summary, an Idioms and Phrases PDF is crucial for SSC exam preparation as it helps improve comprehension skills, enhances communication skills, increases vocabulary, helps in scoring high in exams, and boosts confidence.



English Notes PDF

Idioms And Phrases In Hindi Meaning 

# Idioms and Phrases Hindi Meaning English Meaning
1. A thorn in the flesh किसी काम में हमेशा होने वाली बाधा A constant source of annoyance
2. An acid test गंभीर परिक्षण A critical test
3. An iron will दृढ इच्छा शक्ति Strong will power
4. An old head on young shoulders अपनी उम्र से ज्यादा समझदार होना A child or young person who thinks and talks like an older and experienced person
5. Beat about the bush घुमा फिर कर बाते करना To talk in a roundabout
6. Beat black and blue अत्यधिक पिटाई करना Beat mercilessly
7. Catch a straw मदद पाना to accept help and support even from the insignificant
8. Draw a line मर्यादा तय करना Set a limit
9. End in smoke कोई परिणाम नहीं निकलना Come to nothing
10. Fish in trouble waters विषम परिस्थितयो का लाभ उठाना To take advantage of the problems of others
11. Get into hot water समस्या में फंसना Get into a trouble
12. Grass widow ऐसी विवाहिता जिसका पति उससे दूर हो A woman who is separated, divorced or lives apart from her husband
13. Hit the jackpot बड़ी कामयाबी मिलना Gaining a big/great success (especially by luck)
14. Keep one’s finger crosses किसी अच्छी घटा के होने की कामना करना To wait expectantly
15. Make a mountain out of a molehill बातो का बतंगड़ बनाना To exaggerate a minor difficulty
16. Make hay while the sun shines मोके का लाभ उठाना To take the benefit of an opportunity
17. Man of iron दृढ़ इच्छा शक्ति वाला Man with strong will-power
18. Man of the world अनुभवी व्यक्ति An experienced person
19. Pandora’s box समस्यांओ का भंडार A source of extensive but unforeseen troubles
20. Take to one’s heels भाग जाना To run away


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Directions (1-15): In the following questions four alternatives are given for idioms/phrases in now. Choose the one that best expresses the meaning of the given idiom/phrase.

Idioms and Phrases for SSC PDF

Q1. The salt of the Earth
(a) To expect something in return
(b) Very good & honest/kind
(c) To support someone
(d) Neat and clean

S1. Ans.(b)

Q2. Feel blue 
(a) Feeling ecstatic
(b) In trouble/depressed
(c) An easy achievement
(d) None of these

S2. Ans.(b)

Q3. Flies off at a tangent 
(a) Self praising
(b) To boast
(c) Start discussing something irrelevant
(d) Well informed

S3. Ans.(c)

Q4. Going places.
(a) To go to the home back
(b) Talented and successful
(c) To go on a visit
(d) To be angry

S4. Ans.(b)

Q5. Get the sack
(a) Getting promotion
(b) Dismissed from
(c) To get a surprise
(d) To get a leave

S5. Ans.(b)

Q6. Of no avail
(a) In favour with
(b) Useless
(c) Useful
(d) To be utterly lost

S6. Ans.(b)

Q7. Bone to pick
(a) Appear suddenly
(b) To reject
(c) Cause of quarrel
(d) To accept readily

S7. Ans.(c)

Q8. To call it a day
(a) To conclude proceedings
(b) To grieve over
(c) To surrender
(d) To be suspicious

S8. Ans.(a)

Q9. Pull someone up on something
(a) To agree on something
(b) To Criticize
(c) To bring out a change
(d) None of the above

S9. Ans.(b)

Q10. Point blank
(a) Rarely
(b) Very definite and direct
(c) At a last moment
(d) Leave quietly

S10. Ans.(b)

Q11. A cut above
(a) Rather superior to
(b) Tough situation
(c) To be idle
(d) To object at something

S11. Ans.(a)

Q12. Balloon goes up
(a) To be attentive
(b) A situation turning unpleasant/serious
(c) A happy occasion
(d) Get up early

S12. Ans.(b)

Q13. Part and Parcel 
(a) To take an initiative
(b) To do a task completely
(c) Important part
(d) To surprise someone

S13. Ans.(c)

Q14. Gate Crasher
(a) Invited friend
(b) Uninvited guest
(c) A drunk person
(d) A murderer

S14. Ans.(b)

Q15. As daft as a brush
(a) Extremely silly
(b) Extremely kind
(c) Extremely sick
(d) Extremely old
S15. Ans.(a)

1. To talk one’s head off

a. To shout loudly
b. To talk in whispers
c. To talk to oneself
d. To talk excessively
Answer: d. To talk excessively

Explanation: E.g. I would like to visit my grandfather more often, but he talks his head off every time I visit him.

2. To play fast and loose

a. To trust others
b. To be undependable
c. To cheat people
d. To hurt somebody’s feelings
e. To be quick
Answer: b. To be undependable

Explanation: E.g. The drama was very entertaining even though it played fast and loose with the true story.

3. To talk through one’s hat

a. To speak fluently
b. To talk nonsense
c. To talk wisely
d. To speak randomly
Answer: b. To talk nonsense

Explanation: E.g. My friends generally avoid her because she always talks through her hat.

4. To snap one’s fingers

a. To grasp eagerly
b. To speak abruptly
c. To accept immediately
d. To become contemptuous of
Answer: d. To become contemptuous of

Explanation: E.g. He was snapping his fingers in time with the music.

5. To spill the beans

a. To misbehave
b. To great obstructions
c. To keep secrets
d. To reveal secret information
Answer: d. To reveal secret information

Explanation: E.g. My brother spilled the beans about the surprise party planned for our parents, by telling them during a conversation last night.

6. To save one’s face
a. To hide oneself
b. To oppose
c. To evade disgraced. To protect
Answer: c. To evade disgrace

Explanation: E.g. His mother was more interested in saving face, than accepting the truth about her mischievous son.

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