English Grammar Book Free PDF Download

English Grammar Book Free PDF Download

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English grammar is an important part of all competitive exams. It is important to have a good understanding of English grammar in order to score well in exams. A good English grammar book can help you understand the basics of English grammar and improve your writing and speaking skills. A good English grammar book can also help you prepare for competitive exams by providing practice questions and exercises. The free PDF version of an English grammar book can be a great resource for students who are preparing for competitive exams.

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English grammar is important for the English language because it helps to structure and organize the language. It also helps to improve communication by making sure that the words and sentences are used correctly. Grammar also helps to create a sense of order and structure in the language, which makes it easier to understand. Finally, it helps to ensure that the language is used correctly and consistently, which is important for communication.

English Notes PDF

English Topics

  1. Active Voice Passive Voice
  2. Conjunctions
  3. Transformation of Sentences
  4. Preposition
  5. A Few Proverbs
  6. Conditional Sentences
  7. The Interjection (!)
  8. Sentence Structure and Analysis
  9. Question Tag
  10. Synthesis of Sentences
  11. Unenglish & Superfluous Expressions
  12. Question Framing
  13. Use of Capital Letters and Punctuation
  14. Formation of Words
  15. Spelling Rules
  16. Phrasal Verbs
  17. Idioms and Phrases Contents
  18. Comprehension
  19. One Word Substitutions
  20. Antonyms
  21. Related Pairs of Words

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Synonyms multiple choice questions with answers

To know more about Antonyms Click here Antonyms questions and answers

Q.1 Voracious…..

(A) tenacious

(B) truthful

(C) spacious

(D) ravenous

The correct answer is an option (D)

Q.2 Abortive…..

(A) fruitful

(B) familiar

(C) unsuccessful

(D) consuming

The correct answer is option (C)

Q.3 Tenacious…..

(A) holding fast

(B) collecting

(C) fast running

(D) intentional

The correct answer is option (A)

Q.4 Terse

(A) brief in speech

(B) beyond fear

(C) without honor

(D) under strain

The correct answer is option (A)

Q.5 Tentative….

(A) mocking

(B) wry

(C) experimental

(D) prevalent

The correct answer is option (C)

Q.6 Tenacity…..

(A) ingratitude

(B) decimation

(C) splendor

(D) perseverance

The correct answer is option (D)

Q.7 Replenish….

(A) reinstale

(B) refill

(C) refuse

(D) polish

The correct answer is option (B)

Q.8 Relish….

(A) savor

(B) vindicate

(C) avail

(D) desire

The correct answer is option (C)

Q.9 Repercussion….

(A) resistance

(B) magnificence

(C) acceptance

(D) reaction

The correct answer is option (D)

Q.10 Repellent….

(A) porous

(B) stiff

(C) elastic

(D) unattractive

The correct answer is option (D)

Idioms and Phrases General English Questions and Answers

Q1. He passed himself off as a nobleman.

1. Pretended to be
2. Was looked upon
3. Was regarded as
4. Was thought to be

ans. 1

Q2. Since he knew what would happen, he should be left to stew in his own juice.

1. Make a stew
2. Boil
3. Suffer for his own act
4. Suffer in his own juice

ans. 3

Q3. In the organised society of today no individual or nation can plough a lonely furrow.

1. remain unaffected
2. do without the help of others
3. survive in isolation
4. remain non-aligned

ans. 2

Q4. Do no trust a man who blows his own trumpet.

1. flatters
2. praises others
3. praises himself
4. admonishes others

ans. 3

Q5. This matter has been hanging fire for the last many months and must therefore be decided one way or the other.

1. hotly debated
2. going on slowly
3. stuck up
4. ignored

ans. 2

Q6. I am afraid he is burning the candle at both ends and ruining his life.

1. wasting his money
2. becoming overgenerous
3. losing his objectives
4. overtaxing his energies

ans. 4

Q7. It was he who put a spoke in my wheel.

1. tried to cause an accident
2. helped in the execution of the plan
3. destroyed the plan
4. thwarted in the execution of the plan

ans. 4

Q8. I did not mind what he was saying, he was only through his hat.

1. talking nonsense
2. talking ignorantly
3. talking irresponsibly
4. talking insultingly

ans. 1
Q9. Sobhraj could be easily arrested because the police were tipped off in a advance.

1. Toppled over
2. Bribed
3. Given advance information
4. Threatened

ans. 3

Q10. He is out and out a reactionary.

1. thoroughly
2. no more
3. in favour of
4. deadly against

Ask me in the comment section if you face any problem in Idioms and Phrases general English questions. all the best!

ans. 1

Q.1 : At Loggerheads

 1.To differ strongly
2.To divide a job
3.To try hard

4.To get going
Ans .   A


Q.2 : Keep your eyes peeled
1.To watch carefully
2.Searching someone
3.Looking forward
4.Running away
Ans .   A


Q.3 He always………to prove that the earth revolves round the sun.

(a) tried

(b) tries

(c) was trying

(d) is trying

Ans .  A


Q.4 He saw me by chance and……….the car.

(a) stop

(b) stopped

(c) stops

(d) was stopping

Ans .  B


Q.5. Sinchronize
2. Syycronise
3. Synchronize
4. Synchromise

a. 1
b. 2
c. 3
d. 4

Ans .  C


Q.6   1. Surveilance
2. Surveillance
3. Survellance
4. Survaillance

a. 1
b. 2
c. 3
d. 4

Ans .  B


Q.7 : Select Correct Word
A. Iminent
B. Imminent
C. Iminnent
D. Imineent

Ans .  B

Q.8 : Select Correct Word
A. Cheqe
B. Ceque
C. Cheque
D. Chequee

Ans .  C

Practice Question and Answer:

Q.1. The prevention of accidents makes it necessary not only that safety devices be used to guard exposed machinery but also that mechanics be instructed in safety rules which they must follow for their own protection, and that lighting in the plant be adequate.

The passage best supports the statement that industrial accidents –

(A) are always avoidable.

(B) may be due to ignorance

(C) cannot be entirely overcome.

(D) can be eliminated with the help of safety rules.

(E) usually, result from inadequate machinery.

Ans .   D


Q.2. It is up to our government and planners’ devices ways and means for the mobilization of about ten crore workers whose families total up about forty crore men, women and children. Our agriculture is over-manned. A lesser number of agriculturists would mean more purchasing or spending power to every agriculturist. This will result in the shortage of man power shortage of demand power for many commodities to be produced for which there will be new demand from a prosperous agrarian class. This shortage will be removed by surplus man power released from agriculture as suggested above.

The passage best supports the statement that:

(a) employment in production is more fruitful than employment in agriculture.

(b) Indian economy is in a poor shape basically due to improper mobilization of man power.

(c) a shift of labor from agricultural sector to the industrial sector would uplift the living standard.

(d) the industrial sector is labor-deficient while the agricultural sector is over-manned in our country.

Ans .   B

Q.3. To forgive an injury is often considered to be a sign of weakness; it is really a sign of strength. It is easy to a Now oneself to be carried away by resentment and hate into an act of vengeance, but it takes a strong character to restrain those natural passions. The man who forgives an injury proves himself to be the superior of the man who wronged himself and puts the wrong-doer to shame.

The passage best supports the statement that: 

(a) the sufferer alone knows the intensity of his sufferings

(b) people tend to forgive the things happened in the past

(c) natural passions are difficult to suppress.

(d) mercy is the noblest form of revenge.

(e) a person with calm and composed nature has depth of thought and vision.

Ans .   D

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