Indian Polity Handwritten Notes in Hindi PDF

Indian Polity Handwritten Notes in Hindi PDF 

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Today we are sharing important notes pdf भारतीय राजव्यवस्था || Indian Polity Handwritten Notes PDF In Hindi SSC NOTES like SSC CGL, BANK, RAILWAYS,  RRB NTPC, LIC AAO, and many other exams. BA all Subjects list and Syllabus for all Semesters 2022 are very important for any competitive exam and this Complete Indian Polity Hand Written Notes in Hindi for SSC, BANK, AND RAILWAYS is very useful for it. this भारतीय राजव्यवस्था !! Indian Polity handwritten notes PDF in Hindi Free PDF will be very helpful for your examination. is an online Educational Platform, where you can download free PDFs for UPSC, SSC CGL, BANK, RAILWAYS,  RRB NTPC, LIC AAO, and many other exams. Indian Polity Handwritten Notes PDF Download in Hindi and English here you can free download Short notes of Indian Polity by M Laxmikant book PDF. Laxmikanth’s this book is one of the most popular and comprehensive books on the subject.


Indian Polity Handwritten Notes In Hindi PDF Download for SSC, BANK, AND RAILWAYS is very Simple and Easy. We also Cover Basic Topics like math, Geography, History, Polity, etc, and study materials including Previous Year Question Papers, Current Affairs, Important Formulas, etc for upcoming Banking, UPSC, and SSC CGL Exams. Our PDF will help you to upgrade your marks in any competitive exam.

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Indian Polity Topics

3-Prime Minister
4-Central Council of Ministers
5-Cabinet Committee
7-Parliamentary Committee & Forums
8-Supreme Court
10-Chief Minister
11-State Council of Ministers
12-State Legislature
13-High Courts
14-Subordinate Courts
15-Special Provisions for Some States

Indian Polity Question and Answer

1) Total number of schedules in Indian Constitution

(a) 24

(b) 12

(c) 10

(d) 18

Answer: B (12)


2) Who is the chairman of Planning Commission?

(a) Prime Minister

(b) Finance Minister

(c) President of India

(d) None of the above

Answer: A (Prime Minister)


3) Who administers the oath of office to the President of India?

(a) Speaker of LokSabha

(b) Attorney general

(c) Chief Justice of India

(d) Vice President

Answer: C (Chief Justice of India)


4) The idea of Fundamental Rights in Indian Constitution was adopted from

(a) England

(b) France

(c) Germany

(d) America

Answer: D (America)


5) Which article of the constitution gives the provision for President in India?

(a) Article 52

(b) Article 56

(c) Article 72

(d) Article 76

Answer: A (Article 52)


6) Which union territory has a High Court of its own?

(a) Chandigarh

(b) Delhi

(c) Pondicherry

(d) Lakshadweep

Answer: B (Delhi)


7) Minimum duration to stay in India before applying for Indian Citizenship

(a) 3 Years

(b) 5 Years

(c) 6 Years

(d) 7 Years

Answer: B (5 Years)


8)Who is the chairman of Rajya Sabha?

(a) Chief Justice

(b) President

(c) Vice-President

(d) Attorney General

Answer: C (Vice-President)


9) How many languages were originally recognized by the Constitution as regional languages?

(a) 17

(b) 14

(c) 9

(d) 12

Answer: B (14)


10) Under whose Prime Ministership was the right to property removed from the list of fundamental rights?

(a) Indira Gandhi

(b) LalBahadurShastry

(c) Moraji Desai

(d) Rajiv Gandhi

Answer: C (Moraji Desai)
11) Number of standing committees in the Indian Parliament

(a) 12

(b) 17

(c) 38

(d) 45

Answer: D (45)


12) Number of Constituencies in Uttar Pradesh for Lok Sabha election

(a) 66

(b) 55

(c) 80

(d) 92

Answer: (C) 80


13) Present Lok Sabha is the

(a) 15th

(b) 17th

(c) 13th

(d) 14th

Answer: A (15th)


14) Who is the first Woman Governor in India?

(a) FathimaBeevi

(b) VijayalakshmiPandit

(c) Sarojini Naidu

(d) Padmaja Naidu

Answer: C (Sarojini Naidu)


15) Who is the first Woman Chief Minister in India?

(a) Janaki Ramachandran

(b) SuchetaKriplani

(c) ShashikalaKakodkar

(d) NandiniSatpathy

Answer: B (SuchetaKriplani)


16) Where the LalBahadurShastri National Academy of Administration is located

(a) Shimla

(b) Delhi

(c) Ooty

(d) Mussoorie

Answer: D (Mussoorie)


17) What is the intermediate tier of the Panchayati Raj system is called?

(a) ZilaParishad

(b) TalukaPachayat

(c) PachayatSamiti

(d) Gram Sabha

Answer: C (PachayatSamiti)


18) Which state first adopted the Panchayati Raj in India in 1959?

(a) Rajasthan

(b) Karnataka

(c) Gujrat

(d) Punjab

Answer: A (Rajasthan)


19) If both the office of President and Vice-President are vacant, who has been empowered the President’s function

(a) Prime Minister

(b) Chief Justice

(c) Speaker of Loksabha

(d) Chief of Army Staff

Answer: B (Chief Justice)


20) Who was the president of India at the time of emergency in 1975?

(a) Zail Singh

(b) VV Giri

(c) Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed

(d) Shankar Dayal Sharma

Answer: C (Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed)


21) Who is the longest-serving president of the Indian National Congress?

(a) Sonia Gandhi

(b) Indira Gandhi

(c) Jawaharlal Nehru

(d) Mahatma Gandhi

Answer: A (Sonia Gandhi)


22) Who is considered as the chief architect of the Indian Constitution

(a) Mahatma Gandhi

(b) Jawaharlal Nehru

(c) B. R. Ambedkar

(d) Vallabhbhai Patel

Answer: C (B. R. Ambedkar)


23) Which is the first state to be formed on the basis of language?

(a) Maharashtra

(b) Tamil Nadu

(c) Karnataka

(d) Andhra Pradesh

Answer: D (Andhra Pradesh)


24) Who were the first Muslim presidents of the Indian National Congress?

(a) AbulKalam Azad

(b) BadruddinTyabji

(c) Syed Hasan Imam

(d) None of the above

Answer: B (BadruddinTyabji)


25) Joint session of parliament is presided by

(a) Speaker of Lok Sabha

(b) Deputy Speaker of Lok Sabha

(c) President

(d) Vice-President

Answer: A (Speaker of Lok Sabha)


26) The name of the Laccadive, Minicoy and Amindivi islands was changed to Lakshadweep by an Act of Parliament in the year

(a) 1970

(b) 1971

(c) 1972

(d) 1973

Answer: D (1973)


27) Where the headquarter of SAARC is located?

(a) Delhi

(b) Abu Dhabi

(c) Kathmandu

(d) Kuala Lumpur

Answer: C (Kathmandu)


28) The member of the State Public Service Commission are appointed by

(a) President

(b) Chief Justice

(c) Chief Minister

(d) Governor

Answer: D (Governor)


29) Who coined the term ‘Non-alignment’?

(a) Jawaharlal Nehru

(b) LalBahadurShastri

(c) Moraji Desai

(d) Mahatma Gandhi

Answer: A (Jawaharlal Nehru)


30) ‘Panchsheel Treaty’ was signed between India and China in the year

(a) 1959

(b) 1954

(c) 1948

(d) 1964

Answer: B (1954)


31) Which article of the constitution provides Indian citizens ‘Right to Equality’?

(a) Article 17

(b) Article 14

(c) Article 29

(d) Article 42

Answer: B (Article 14)


32) Which is the article that provides special status to the state of Jammu and Kashmir

(a) Article 356

(b) Article 274

(c) Article 370

(d) Article 390

Answer: C (Article 370)


33) From which country India borrowed Five-year plan

(a) USSR

(b) USA

(c) UK

(d) Ireland

Answer: A (USSR)


34) Which state has the highest number of members in its state assembly?

(a) Bihar

(b) Andhra Pradesh

(c) Uttar Pradesh

(d) Tamil Nadu

Answer: C (Uttar Pradesh)


35) What is the minimum number of members required for a state legislative assembly?

(a) 15

(b) 30

(c) 45

(d) 60

Answer: D (60)


36) What is the maximum number of elected members for a state assembly?

(a) 350

(b) 500

(c) 380

(d) 650

Answer: B (500)


37) The union budget is presented in the Parliament each year on the

(a) 1st day of February

(b) 1st March

(c) last day of February

(d) 15th March

Answer: A (1st day of February)


38) If President Dies while in office, the Vice President can act as President for a maximum time period of

(a) 3 Years

(b) 2 Years

(c) 1 Years

(d) 6 Months

Answer: D (6 Months)


39) What is the minimum age required for the Governor of a state

(a) 25 Years

(b) 28 Years

(c) 35 Years

(d) 40 Years

Answer: C (35 Years)


40) The Chief Election Commissioner can be appointed by the

(a) Prime Minister

(b) Vice President

(c) Chief Justice of India

(d) President

Answer: D (President)


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