science and technology current affairs

science and technology current affairs

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science and technology current affairs  is a pdf is cover all basic topics. SSC CGL, BANK, RAILWAYS,  RRB NTPC, LIC  his  RRB RRB Group D Exam 2022 Current Affairs रेलवे ग्रुप डी परीक्षा  pdf is available all basic concepts.


science and technology Question and Answer

  1. National Mission on Interdisciplinary Cyber-Physical SystemsFor Prelims: Cyber-Physical Systems, Technology Innovation Hubs, SMART Cities, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). For mains: Objectives and…

    17 Aug 2022 Science & Technology

  2. Booster Dose: CorbevaxFor Prelims: Vaccines and types, Corbevax, Spike Protein For Mains: Mechanism of Vaccine in treating viral infection, Types of Vaccines Why in…

    12 Aug 2022 Science & Technology

  3. Education Technology in IndiaThis editorial is based on “The Indian edtech industry is taking India to the world”, which was published in Livemint on 10/08/2022. It…

    11 Aug 2022 Science & Technology

  4. ISRO’s Small Satellite Launch Vehicle MissionThis editorial is based on “Space to learn | On the failure of ISRO’s maiden small satellite launch vehicle mission”, which was…

    10 Aug 2022 Science & Technology

  5. India’s Solar Power DreamFor Prelims: Renewable Energy, Production Linked Incentive (PLI), Domestic Content Requirement (DCR) For Mains: Challenges to Indian Solar Power…

    09 Aug 2022 Science & Technology

  6. OTEC Plant in LakshadweepFor Prelims: National Institute of Ocean Technology, Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion Plant, Deep Sea Mining, Deep Ocean Mission, DNA Bank For…

    09 Aug 2022 Science & Technology

  7. Council of Scientific and Industrial ResearchFor Prelims: CSIR, National Mission for Electric Mobility, Research and Development, Shanti Swaroop Bhatnagar For Mains: Initiatives taken by…

    08 Aug 2022 Science & Technology

  8. Increasing Efficacy of Gene TherapyFor Prelims: Gene Therapy, DNA, Alpha-1 Antitrypsin, Proteostasis For Mains: Increasing Efficacy of Gene Therapy and its implications Why in…

    02 Aug 2022 Science & Technology

  9. Deep Sea MiningFor Prelims: Deep-sea mining, Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services (INCOIS), United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea…

    29 Jul 2022 Science & Technology

  10. Metaverse This editorial is based on “Metaverse has potential to revolutionize e-commerce” which was published in Livemint on 25/07/2022. It…

    27 Jul 2022 Science & Technology

  11. MonkeypoxFor Prelims: Viral zoonosis, Monkey Pox, Small Pox For Mains: Zoonotic Diseases, Health Why in News? Recently, the WHO (World Health…

    25 Jul 2022 Science & Technology

  12. Increasing Efficacy of AntibioticsFor Prelims: AMR For Mains: AMR, Health Why in News? Recently, Scientists have developed a new approach to revitalise the efficacy of existing…

    23 Jul 2022 Science & Technology

  13. Synthetic BiologyFor Prelims: Synthetic Biology, Applications of Synthetic Biology For Mains: Biotechnology, Scientific Innovations & Discoveries Why in…

    21 Jul 2022 Science & Technology

  14. Abort Mission for GaganyaanFor Prelims: Abort Mission for Gaganyaan, ISRO, GSLV Low Earth Orbit, ISS For Mains: Gaganyaan Mission and its Significance Why in…

    21 Jul 2022 Science & Technology

  15. James Webb Space Telescope’s First ImagesFor Prelims: James Webb Telescope, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Hubble Telescope, European Space Agency For Mains: James Webb…

    18 Jul 2022 Science & Technology

  16. India Stack Knowledge Exchange 2022For Prelims: Digital India, Digital Schemes of India For Mains: Role of Digitisation in economic growth, Effect of digital schemes on economy of…

    15 Jul 2022 Science & Technology

  17. Dark MatterFor Prelims: Dark Matter, Dark Energy, Universe, Galaxy, Bullet Cluster For Mains: Dark Matter and Dark Energy Why in News? Recently, a highly…

    13 Jul 2022 Science & Technology

  18. India’s Defence ExportsFor Prelims: Defence Technology For Mains: Technology, Defence Exports, Indigenization of Technology Why in News? India’s defence…

    09 Jul 2022 Science & Technology

  19. GigaMesh SolutionFor Prelims: GigaMesh, ARTPARK, Spectrum, Artificial Intelligence For Mains: Rural Connectivity, Role of AI in Digital Inclusiveness, Challenges…

    09 Jul 2022 Science & Technology

  20. Metaverse Standards ForumFor Prelims: Metaverse, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality For Mains: Metaverse Standards Forum, Need of Interoperability in Metaverse Why in…

    09 Jul 2022 Science & Technology

Science and Technology Questioni and Answer

Q. Which of the following is the most stable ecosystem?
1) Deserts
2) Oceans
3) Forests
4) Mountains

ANS: 2
Q. What is the name of the satellite which crossed the edge of our solar system?
1) Challenger
2) Voyager
3) Rosetta
4) Spirit

ANS: 2
Q. The science of old age is known as –
1) Chronology
2) Odontology
3) Gerontology
4) Gerantochronology

ANS: 3
Q. Who started vaccination?
1) Jonas E. Salk
2) Edward Jenner
3) Paul Muller
4) Robert Frost

ANS: 2
Q. The study of algae is known as –
1) Mycology
2) Phycology
3) Virology
4) Botany

ANS: 2
Q. COVAXIN Vaccine is made up of –
1) The genetic material of the SARS-CoV-2 Spike protein
2) Inactivated (killed) SARS- CoV-2
3) Modified mRNA, which encodes spike protein of SARS- CoV-2
4) Adenovirus Viral Vector

ANS: 2
Q. India’s first satellite which was completely designed and fabri-cated in India is –
1) GSAT-30
3) Aryabhata
4) EOS-01

ANS: 3
Q. Which of the following waves are used by the common TV remote control?
1) Radio Wave
2) Ultraviolet waves
3) Infrared waves
4) Ultrasonic waves

ANS: 3
Q. The technique of DNA Finger-printing was developed by –
1) Alec Jeffreys and co-workers
2) Lalji Singh and co-workers
3) E. M. Southern and co-workers
4) B. Wallace and co-workers

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ANS: 1
Q. Who is called Father of Nano-technology?
1) Nikola Tesla
2) Richard Feynman
3) Linus Pauling
4) Arthur Weinberg

ANS: 2

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