English for Competitive Exams [Grammar, Questions, Tips]

English for Competitive Exams [Grammar, Questions, Tips]

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Today we are sharing an important pdf in Hindi this pdf is helpful for all competitive exams like   SSC CPO , SSC CHSL , SSC CGL, SSC MTS, FCI and all BANK exams. English Grammar Notes Grammar Notes के नोट्स की डायरेक्ट लिंक हमने यहां उपलब्ध करा दी है! जिसे आप निचे दिए गए डाउनलोड लिंक पर क्लिक करके डाउनलोड कर सकते है! अगर आपको किसी भी तरीके की परेशानी हो तो आप हमे निचे दिए गए कमेंट बॉक्स में टाइप कर सकते है! हम जल्द से जल्द आपकी सहायता करेंगे! हमे आपकी सहायता करने में ख़ुशी होगी! English for Competitive Exams [Grammar, Questions, Tips]


grammar book pdf Download Now: Arihant Books PDF for Banking, SSC, RRB, FCI, UPSC, State PCS, Insurance & other Competitive exams. serious aspirants who are seeking to crack SSC EXAMS, BANK EXAMS, UPSC EXAM.here we are providing you Arihant English Grammar Book pdf course Based on The Hindu News Paper. most important words are placed in this Download Download General English By Arihant, you can download these PDF Notes very simply by clicking on the Download Button at the bottom.

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English Notes PDF

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  • Transformation of Sentences
  • Preposition
  • A Few Proverbs
  • Conditional Sentences
  • The Interjection (!)
  • Sentence Structure and Analysis
  • Question Tag
  • Synthesis of Sentences
  • Unenglish & Superfluous Expressions
  • Question Framing
  • Use of Capital Letters and Punctuation
  • Formation of Words
  • Spelling Rules
  • Phrasal Verbs
  • Idioms and Phrases Contents
  • Comprehension
  • One Word Substitutions
  • Antonyms
  • Related Pairs of Words
  • Specific Use of Words (Similar Meaning)
  • Ordering of Sentences
  • Hindi Words
  • Double Blanks in a Sentence
  • Word Power
  • Antonyms/Synonyms
  • Contronyms
  • Homographs
  • Synonyms
  • Homonyms
  • Spotting the Errors
  • Cloze Test/Cloze Passage
  • Miscellaneous Exercises (Correct the Sentences)
  • Heteronyms
  • Palindromes
  • Paronyms
  • Pangrams
  • Phrase Substitution or Sentence Improvement
  • Unusual Word Forms
  • Foreign Words
  • Group Terms

English Grammar Question :-

Q.1: Bolt from the blue

1. Thundering

2. A complete surprise

3. Inform something bad

4.No idea

Ans .   B


Q.2 : Blue blood
1.Belonging to low class society
2.Give complain in written
3.Member of high class society
4.Complain give verbally

Ans .   C


Q.3 When the Principal entered the class, a student………. on the blackboard.


(a) Wrote

(b) was writing

(c) writes

(d) is writing

Ans .  B


Q.4 She………TV when her husband came.


(a) watch

(b) was watching

(c) is watching

(d) WA

Ans .  B


Q.5 In each of the following questions, find the correctly spelled word.

1. Reannaisance
2. Renaissance
3. Rennaissance
4. Renaisance

a. 1
b. 2
c. 3
d. 4

Ans .  B


Q.6 1. Recommendation


2. Recommendation

3. Recommendation

4. Recommendation

a. 1
b. 2
c. 3
d. 4

Ans .  B

English Grammar Questions Answers


Q.7 : Select Correct Word

A. Acceleration

B. Acceleration

C. Acceleration

D. Acceleration

Ans .  D


Q.8 : Select Correct Word

A. Aggressive

B. Aggressive

C. Aggressive

D. Aggressive

Ans .  C


Q.9 Jawaharlal spent his childhood ______ Anand Bhawan.

(A) at

(B) in

(C) on

(D) across

Ans .   D


Q.10 The boy was cured _____ typhoid.

(A) from

(B) of

(C) for

(D) through

Ans .   B


Q.11 Voracious…..

(A) tenacious

(B) truthful

(C) spacious

(D) ravenous

Ans .   D


Q.12 Abortive…..

(A) fruitful

(B) familiar

(C) unsuccessful

(D) consuming

Ans .   C


Q13. Suguganya got —— as an officer in the State bank of India.

A. appoint

B. appointed

C. appoints

D. appointee

Ans .   B


1.  what is synonym of Dilatory.

a. slow

b. clam

c. moody

d. rage

Ans: a

2. what is synonym of Turbid (adjective)

a. sombre

b. muddy

c. arcane

d. intrepid

Ans: b

3. which one is the following related to the  Showing a willingness to take surprisingly
bold risks”.

a. Audacious

b. Tenacity

c. Pique

d. Ossify

Ans: a

4. what is synonym of Assay.

a. analysis

b. rebuke

c. zeal

d. assent


Q.14. They listened to him —–
A. spellbinding
B. spellbind
C. spellbinding
D. spellbound

Ans .   D


Q.15 Basis
A. basis
B. bases
C. basis
D. barium

Ans .   B


Q.16 Flower
A. flowers
B. flowers
C. flowers
D. flowers

Ans .   B


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