vocabulary meaning in hindi

 Vocabulary meaning in hindi


Getting ready for the Verbal capability section appears quite achievable when it concerns the MBA entrance examinations.  But, there are a number of sections which often gets ignored because of additional time-consuming segments requiring more attention and time.  Even though there’s a massive goal to research for the entrance examinations like CAT, XAT, CMAT and other people, it occurs that Vocabulary requires a back seat because of time constrains.  Thinking about the complexity that goes into preparing for your examination and the time restriction faced by the MBA examination aspirants, We’ve compiled a listing of 100 vocabulary words that can fastrack your understanding powe


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English Hindi Rom. Hindi
client ग्राहक graahak
collaborate सहयोग sahayog
executive कार्यकारी aaaryakaari
import आयात aayaat
organization संगठन sangathan
rate दर dar
quantity मात्रा maatra
resignation त्यागपत्र tyaagpatr
strike हड़ताल hadtaal
union संघ sangh
proposal प्रस्ताव prastaav
meeting सभा sabha
affiliate सहबद्ध sahabadhh
research अनुसंधान anusandhaan
ambition महत्वाकांक्षा mahatvaakansha
commercial वाणिज्यिक vaadijyik
interview साक्षात्कार saakshaatkaar
production उत्पादन utpaadan
manufacturing औद्योगिक aaudhyogik
prosper सफल होना saphal hona
license अनुज्ञप्ति anugypti
venture कार्य kaary
wage वेतन vetan
agency संस्था sanstha
bonus अधिलाभ adhilaabh
chore कार्य kaary
market बाजार baazar
opportunity अवसर avasar
rent किराया kiraaya
retire निवृत्त होना nivrtt hona
slogan नारा naara
supply आपूर्ति aapurti
tool उपकरण upakaran
valuable बहुमूल्य bahumuly
afford समर्थ samarth
agenda कार्यसूची karyasuchi
bid बोली boli
career व्यवसाय vyavasaay
deduct घटाना ghataana
expense व्यय vyay
firm संगठन sangathan
greed लालच laalach
invention आविष्कार aavishshkaar
manage प्रबंधन prabandhan
negotiate बातचीत baatchit
profit लाभ laabh
repair सुधारना sudhaarana
shortage अभाव abhaav
sponsor प्रायोजक praayojak
agriculture कृषि krishi
asset संपत्ति sampatti
crop फसल fasal
duty शुल्क shulk
earn कमाना kamaana
enterprise उद्यम udhyam
fund निधि nidhi
lease पट्टा patta
progress प्रगति pragati
raise उठाना udhaana
skill कौशल kaushal
staff कर्मचारी-वर्ग karmchaari-varg
transaction लेन – देन len-den
worth मूल्य muly
advertise विज्ञापित vigyaapit
appoint नियुक्त niyukt
charge प्रभार prabhaar
office कार्यालय kaaryalay
crew कर्मीदल karmidal
department विभाग vibhaag
position पद pad
employment रोजगार rojgaar
junior कनिष्ठ kanishdh
superior वरिष्ठ varishdh
fare किराया kiraaya
harvest फसल fasal
industry व्यवसाय vyavsaay
machine यंत्र yantr
offer प्रस्ताव prastaav
retail खुदरा khudara
success सफलता safalata
supervise अधीक्षण adhishan
tax कर kar
wealth धन dhan

[pdf-embedder url=”https://mynotesadda.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/10000-Vocabulary-with-Hindi-Meaning-Usage-in-Sentence.pdf” title=”Spoken-English By mynotesadda.com1″]


1. Factotum

Pronunciation: fak-toh-tuh m

Meaning: An employee or official who has various different responsibilities to handle

Synonyms: Retainer, Servant, workaholic, odd-job person

Usage: She might appear as the perfect factotum; and indeed she was.


2. Nostrum

Pronunciation: nos-truh m

Meaning: Patent medicine whose efficacy is questionable.

Synonyms: catholicon, elixir, medicine, remedy, treatment, cure, drug

Usage: Riyah gave her sister a nostrum to allay her allergy towards the pollen grains


3. Brook

Pronunciation: broo k

Meaning: A natural stream of water smaller than a river

Synonyms: beck, creek, streamlet, branch, river, watercourse, spring

Usage: This brook dried up every year in the summer


4. Liturgy

Pronunciation: lit-er-jee

Meaning: A form of public worship; ritual.

Synonyms: observance, rite, sacrament, celebration, ceremonial

Usage: People’s faith is being choked out by the thorns of fabricated liturgy (Source: Church Militant)


5. Larceny

Pronunciation: lahr-suh-nee

Meaning: The act of taking something from someone unlawfully

Synonyms: burglary, Crime, stealing, touch, stealing, pilfering

Antonyms: return, pay, reimbursement, compensation

Usage: The larceny is appalling at Kennedy International


6. Quixotic

Pronunciation: kwik-sot-ik

Meaning: Not sensible about practical matters; idealistic and unrealistic

Synonyms: dreamy, foolish, impractical, impulsive, unrealistic

Antonyms: hardheaded, hard-nosed, tough-minded, unsentimental; practical, pragmatic

Usage: Our quixotic prime minister may need Labour to save him in Europe. (Source: The Guardian-20-Feb-2016)


7. Quash

Pronunciation: kwosh

Meaning: to put down or suppress completely; quell; subdue

Synonyms: crush, pull down, quell, repress, beat, overcome

Antonyms: abet, aid, assist, back, help, prop up, support; foment, incite

Usage: The Punjab and Haryana High Court today refused to quash an FIR registered against two youngsters in a criminal intimidation case. (Source: Chandigarh Tribune)


8. Skullduggery


Meaning: an instance of dishonest or deceitful behavior; trick.

Synonyms: crafty; trickery; chicanery; duplicity; guile; perfidy; falsehood

Antonyms: truthfulness; loyalty; trustworthiness; truthfulness; honesty

Usage: The tax is high on years of expediency and governmental skullduggery in arming and feeding and giving harbour to such factions (Source: Firstpost)


9. Ludicrous

Pronunciation: loo-di-kruh s

Meaning: Broadly or extravagantly humorous; resembling farce

Synonyms: foolish, comical, outlandish, silly, laughable, crazy, funnys

Antonyms: grave, tragic, sensible, logical, reasonable

Usage: Meet the epically ludicrous instrument that uses 2,000 steel marbles to make music. (source: Classic FM)


10. Lachrymose

Pronunciation: lak-ruh-mohs

Meaning: Showing sorrow;

Synonyms: sad, teary, weeping, weepy, melancholy, blue, dejected, gloomy

Antonyms: beaming, chuckling, giggling, grinning, laughing, smilings

Usage: While presidents, being also human, may be allowed some display of emotion, they cannot be lachrymose all the time. (Source: Philippine Star)


11. Admonish

Pronunciation: ad-mon-ish

Meaning: Warn strongly; put on guard, to caution, advise, or counsel against something.

Synonyms: berate, censure, chide, rebuke, reprimand, scold, warn, hoists

Antonyms: approve, endorse, sanction; applaud, extol, hail, laud, praise, salute, tout

Usage: The two acts of mercy being focused on this March in the Archdiocese of Portland will be to forgive offenses and to admonish sinners. (Source: Catholic Sentinel-15-Mar-2016)


12. Tirade

Pronunciation: tahy-reyd or tahy-reyd

Meaning: A speech of violent denunciation

Synonyms: harangue, ranting, screed, sermon, anger, censure, dispute

Antonyms: peace, harmony, agreement, calm, praise, accord, unperturbed

Usage: Australian movie star Rebel Wilson has launched a vitriolic Twitter tirade at a journalist who allegedly “harassed” her sick grandmother. (Source: The New Daily-28-Feb-2016)


13. Labyrinthine

Pronunciation: lab-uh-rin-thin, -theen

Meaning: Resembling a labyrinth in form or complexity

Synonyms: intricate, meandering, serpentine, twisting, winding, complex, mazy

Antonyms: simple, straight, blunt, candid, apparent, clear, definite, even, explicit

Usage: The sentences that once sang became so labyrinthine in complexity that the reader got lost in the maze. (Source: The Independent-28-Mar-2016)


14. Alacrity

Pronunciation: uh-lak-ri-tee

Meaning: Liveliness and eagerness

Synonyms: alertness, avidity, briskness, cheerfulness, sprightliness, willingnesss

Antonyms: apathy, aversion, slowness, dullness, delay, amble, lethargy

Usage: The Prime Minister asked the party to embrace technology with greater alacrity and enthusiasm


15. Laconic

Pronunciation: luh-kon-ik

Meaning: luh-kon-ik

Synonyms: terse, pithy, brief, compact, crisp, curt, succinct

Antonyms: circuitous, circumlocutory, diffuse, long-winded, prolix, rambling, verbose, windy, wordy

Usage: Greater difficulty exists to enforce the laconic safeguards of the Aadhaar Act. (source: Medianama.com)


16. Amorphous

Pronunciation: uh-mawr-fuh s

Meaning: lacking definite form; having no specific shape; formlesss

Synonyms: irregular, unformed, unshaped, shapeless, unshaped, formless, vague

Antonyms: coherent, ordered, orderly, organized; clear, decided, definite, distinct

Usage: Transmission electron microscopy image showing different levels of crystallinity embedded in the amorphous matrix of the alloy. (source: AZoM)


17. Wanton

Pronunciation: won-tn

Meaning: deliberate and without motive or provocation; uncalled-for; headstrong; willful; sexually lawless or unrestrained

Synonyms: Lewd, promiscuous, abandoned, lax, libertine, libidinouss

Antonyms: correct, decorous, genteel, nice, polite, proper, respectable, seemly; innocuous

Usage: The park was full of people fishing and relaxing. I think it’s shocking that they were just walking along carrying out this wanton destruction (Source: lasgow Evening Times)


18. Vociferouss

Pronunciation: voh-sif-er-uh s

Meaning: Conspicuously and offensively loud; given to vehement outcrys

Synonyms: vehement, noisy, clamorous, boisterous, clamant, ranting

Antonyms: noiseless, quiet, silent, soundless, still; calm, hushed, subdued

Usage: The invasive gypsy moth is a vociferous eater during its caterpillar phase. (Source: The News Tribune)


19. Utilitarian

Pronunciation: yoo-til-i-tair-ee-uh n

Meaning: having regard to utility or usefulness rather than beauty, ornamentation, etc

Synonyms: functional, pragmatic, effective, serviceable, useful

Antonyms: unserviceable, nonfunctional, impractical, unnecessary, useless

Usage: Modern philosophy was by two important “schools” of thought: individualism and utilitarianism. (source: Business 2 Community)


20. Vicissitude

Pronunciation: vi-sis-i-tood, -tyood

Meaning: a change or variation occurring in the course of something; interchange or alternation

Synonyms: variation, fluctuation, permutation, alteration, diversity

Antonyms: uniformity, stability, similarity, stagnation, conformity

Usage: However, our ancestors concluded that the vicissitude could be corrected by better government. (Source: Patriot Post)


21. Upbraid

Pronunciation: uhp-breyds

Meaning: Express criticism towardss

Synonyms: admonish, berate, chide, blame, reams

Antonyms: approve, forgive, laud, compliment, praise

Usage: approve, forgive, laud, compliment, praise


22. Vilify

Pronunciation: vil-uh-fahy

Meaning: Spread negative information about

Synonyms: defame, malign, mistreat, jinx, slander

Antonyms: favour, glorify, laud, exalt, praise

Usage: The pair have since been vilified for their actions and have been accused of being “spiteful”. (Source: Belfast Telegraph)


23. Desiccate

Pronunciation: des-i-keyts

Meaning: Lacking vitality or spirit; lifeless; to dry thoroughly

Synonyms: preserve, dehydrate, keep, divest, drain

Antonyms: dampen, grow, moisten, expand, soak

Usage: As an organic farmer, he couldn’t use a chemical to desiccate the wheat, and it’s highly unlikely the rabbi would have allowed it anyway. (source: ew York Times)


24. Smitheeens

Pronunciation: smith-uh-reenz

Meaning: A collection of small fragments considered as a whole

Synonyms: chunk, atom, crumb, iota, fraction

Antonyms: entire, total, lot, whole, complete

Usage: Two main classrooms were “smashed to smithereens”, with the school swimming pool caved in and tennis courts destroyed. (Source: Waikato Times)


25. Whimper

Pronunciation: hwim-per, wim

Meaning: to cry with low, plaintive, broken sounds

Synonyms: moan, weep, blubber, fuss, snivel

Antonyms: bawl, bark, clamor, shriek, rout

Usage: The Broadcast Media Law ended with a whimper yesterday but there was still time for a last tussle in Congress (Source: Buenos Aires Herald)


26. enthrall

Pronunciation: en-thrawl

Meaning: Hold spellbound

Synonyms: beguile, bewitch, enchant, intrigue, rivet

Antonyms: bore, disgust, incite, repel, liberate

Usage: It was his oratory, imbedded with moral values of mankind, that did enthrall not only the senior students but also the primary class’ kids (Source: E-Pao.net)


27. Catastrophic

Pronunciation: kat-uh-strof-ik

Meaning: of the nature of a catastrophe, or disastrous event

Synonyms: calamitous, cataclysmic, disastrous, fatal, ruinous, tragic

Antonyms: calamitous, cataclysmic, disastrous, fatal, ruinous, tragic

Usage: A Latvian farm worker driving in Scotland for the first time killed a Perthshire father in a “catastrophic” collision (Source: BBC News)


28. Zenith

Pronunciation: zee-nith OR zen-ith

Meaning: The culminating-point of prosperity, influence, or greatness. 

Synonyms: acme, apex, apogee, pinnacle, summit

Antonyms: acme, apex, apogee, pinnacle, summit

Usage: Modern Times, released on April 2, 1981, represents the zenith of the brief heavier-rocking period between Jefferson Starship‘s Marty Balin era (Source: ultimateclassicrock.com)


29. Zealot

Pronunciation: zel-uh t

Meaning: One who espouses a cause or pursues an object in an immoderately partisan manner.

Synonyms: activist, diehard, fanatic, radical, militant

Antonyms: conservative, moderate, balanced, cautious, gentle

Usage: Iran is bolstering its key ally Syria by sending a paramilitary force full of zealot student soldiers fiercely loyal to the Islamic Republic (source: Daily Caller)


30. Writhe

Pronunciation: rahyth

Meaning: To twist the body, face, or limbs or as in pain or distress.

Synonyms: wince, wiggle, agonize, distort, suffer

Antonyms: straighten, uncoil, align, uncurl, unravel

Usage: The prawns are seen wriggling and writhing on the skewers, which are placed on a plate on the table. (Source: The Sun)


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31. Wizen

Pronunciation: wiz-uh n; wee-zuh n

Meaning: To become or cause to become withered or dry.

Synonyms: divest, drain, parch, wither, devitalize

Antonyms: fill, grow, expand, moisturize, soak

Usage: After they chewed through my carpet, I started to wizen up. (Source: Top Dog Tips)


32. Witticism

Pronunciation: wit-uh-siz-uh m

Meaning: A witty, brilliant, or original saying or sentiment.

Synonyms: gibe, gag, jest, pun, sally

Antonyms: dullness, gravity, seriousness, sobriety, solemnity, stolidity, stupidity

Usage: That witticism leaps to mind as the economics world gushes over India’s new central bank head Urjit Patel. (Source: Barron’s)


33. Vincible

Pronunciation: vin-suh-buh l

Meaning: Conquerable.

Synonyms: conquerable, vulnerable, vanquishable, surmountable, indefensible

Antonyms: unconquerable, defendable, indomitable, invincible, insurmountable

Usage: The core of the team also is the same as the one that proved all too vincible last year. (source: Sporting News)


34. Vignette

Pronunciation: vin-yet

Meaning: A picture having a background or that is shaded off gradually.

Synonyms: sketch, picture, illustration, portrait, depiction

Antonyms: original, real, camouflage, substantive, Landscape

Usage: Every Olympic closing ceremony features a small vignette made by the next host city to get people. (SOURCE: SB Nation)


35. Vertigo

Pronunciation: vur-ti-goh

Meaning: Dizziness

Synonyms: giddiness, lightheadedness, abscess, wooziness, instability

Antonyms: stability, penetration, gravity, clear-headed, languid

Usage: He can be seen twirling at high speed at the very edge of the roof – which might make those suffering from vertigo want to look away. (Source: RT)


36. Usurp

Pronunciation: yoo-surp, -zurp

Meaning: To take possession of by force.

Synonyms: take over, seize, confiscate, expropriate, annex

Antonyms: relinquish, surrender, accede, acquiesce, resign

Usage: Opponents argue that such an approach would usurp states’ rights and create an unneeded new layer of bureaucracy. (source: Baltimore Sun)


37. Undulate

Pronunciation: uhn-juh-leyt

Meaning: To move like a wave or in waves.

Synonyms: roll, wave, ripple, swing, oscillate

Antonyms: peaceful, smooth, serene, flat, stick

Usage: The Krall swarm looks absolutely fantastic, the way the ships undulate and move like they are almost alive is wonderfully creepy. (Source: Redshirts Always Die)


38. Tyranny

Pronunciation: tir-uh-nee

Meaning: Absolute power arbitrarily or unjustly administrated.

Synonyms: despotism, dictatorship, autocracy, monocracy, autarchy

Antonyms: democracy, republic, liberty, autonomy, compassion

Usage: Majoritarian governments were often thought of as being characterised by the tyranny of the numbers (Source:Kathmandu Post)


39. Turgid

Pronunciation: tur-jid

Meaning: Swollen

Synonyms: tumid, inflated, bombastic, tumescent , bloated

Antonyms: deflated, decreased, diminished, contracted, chapfallen

Usage: Returning Griezmann fails to inspire turgid visitors. (Source: FourFourTwo)


40. Trepidation

Pronunciation: trep-i-dey-shuh

Meaning: Nervous uncertainty of feeling.

Synonyms: perturbation, uneasiness, agitation, dismay, anxiety

Antonyms: calm, equanimity, contentment, assurance, peace

Usage: Maybe they will encounter other Muslims with less fear, trepidation and, just perhaps, with more friendliness. (Source: Bucks County Courier Times)


41. Transgress

Pronunciation: trans-gres

Meaning: To break a law.

Synonyms: infringe, violate, trespass, disobey, contravene

Antonyms: comply, acquiesce, comply, acquire, obey

Usage: The officers should be careful not to transgress human rights. (Source: The Hindu)


42. Tranquilize

Pronunciation: trang-kwuh-lahyz

Meaning: To soothe.

Synonyms: soothe, pacify, appease, sedate, sedate,

Antonyms: agitate, incite, commove, perturb, foment

Usage: A buffalo that ran amok near Medical College here on Monday was shot dead as the authorities concerned failed to tranquilize it. (Source: Times of India)


43. Sybarite

Pronunciation: sib-uh-rahyt

Meaning: A luxurious person.

Synonyms: hedonist, epicurean, gourmet, bon vivant, wanton

Antonyms: puritan, ascetic, prude, austere, Spartan

Usage: At the top of the list: the duck-fat burger at Sybarite Pig in Boca Raton. (source: New Times Broward-Palm Beach)


44. Swarthy

Pronunciation: swawr-th ee

Meaning: Having a dark hue, especially a dark or sunburned complexion

Synonyms: raven, ebony, dusky, sable, brunet

Antonyms: blond, luminous, pallid, pasty, bright

Usage: Terrorist was 29-year-old Islamic radical,” shrieked TMZ’s headline, accompanied by a photo of the swarthy killer. (Source: Mic)


45. Surreptitious

Pronunciation: sur-uh p-tish-uh s

Meaning: Clandestine

Synonyms: stealthy, covert, secretive, concealed, sneak

Antonyms: honest, overt, evident, apparent, unconcealed

Usage: The CEO of First in Dallas offered up a large conference room and some office space to our bank for a surreptitious conduct of the examination (Source: Banking Exchange)


46. Subterfuge

Pronunciation: suhb-ter-fyooj

Meaning: Evasion

Synonyms: artifice, deception, wile, maneuver, deceit

Antonyms: honesty, openness, artlessness, bluntness, disbursement

Usage: But the court rightly dismissed those arguments, finding them to be mere subterfuge in an effort to block women from getting abortions. (Source: Norwich Bulletin)


47. Subservience

Pronunciation: suh b-sur-vee-uh nt

Meaning: The quality, character, or condition of being servilely following another’s behests

Synonyms: servility, obedience, subjection, docility, humility

Antonyms: domination, obstinacy, sovereignty , arrogance, balkiness

Usage: Ordinary people can defeat the Right, but doing so will require ending our subservience to the Democratic Party (Source: Jacobin magazine)


48. Suave

Pronunciation: swahv

Meaning: Smooth and pleasant in manner.

Synonyms: urbane, unctuous, courteous, debonair, gracious

Antonyms: gawky, awkward, inelegant, acidulous, brusque

Usage: The Portuguese coach looked suave in a suit as he headed out to his car before being driven away (Source: Mirror.co.uk)


50. Stratagem

Pronunciation: strat-uh-juh m

Meaning: Any clever trick or device for obtaining an advantage.

Synonyms: artifice, dodge, manoeuvre, wile, intrigue

Antonyms: counsel, artlessness, advocate, caution, advise

Usage: There is also one other gaping flaw in Smith’s grand stratagem. (Source: Daily Mail)

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