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Today we are sharing a very important and very easy pdf of The Hindu Vocabulary We have also included some of the most important questions related to Hindu Vocabulary in the PDF for your better preparation for all the government exams(U.P.P, UPSI,UPTGT, PGT,UPTET/CTET, HTET, RTET, UDA/LDA, RO/ARO, BEd, LLB, RRB, सचिवालय, अस्सिस्टेंट ग्रेड, ग्राम पंचयत अधिकारी, स्टेनोग्राफर, लेखा परीक्षक, हिनीद अनुवादक परीक्षा, डिप्टी जेलर, बैंक परीक्षा ,एल आई सी, लेखपाल इत्यादि ). If you are preparing for your exams in the last few days then this Hindu Vocabulary PDF  is very important for you.

There are around 10-15 questions in each Government Exams related to  The Vocabulary PDF  and you can solve 8-10 questions out of them very easily by reading these Notes of  Hindu Vocabulary The complete PDF of The Hindu Vocabulary is attached below for your reference, which you can download by clicking at the Download Button. If you have any doubt or suggestion regarding the PDF then you can tell us in the Comment Section given below, we will be happy to help you. We wish you a better future.

Topics Include In PDF

Following is a The Hindu Vocabulary with example that are included in the given PDF:-

1. CORNUCOPIA (NOUN): -Abundance: (प्रचुरता)

Synonyms: bounty, fullness

Antonyms: need, lack

Example: I will come from Delhi with a cornucopia of Bag and baggage.

2. FRET (VERB): Feel uneasy: (चिड़चिड़ाना)

Synonyms: be upset, be anxious

Antonyms: please, delight

Example : She was always fretting about something or the other.

3. ETHEREAL (ADJECTIVE): Extremely delicate: (कोमल)

Synonyms: light, sublime

Antonyms: earthly, indelicate

Example: In this ethereal realm are the currents that make possible wireless telegraphy.

4. UNLETTERED (ADJECTIVE): Uneducated: (निरक्षर)

Synonyms: ignorant, illiterate

Antonyms: educated, literate

Example : She is a unlettered person.

5. SPRIGHTLY (ADJECTIVE): Lively: (प्रमुदित)

Synonyms: agile, active

Antonyms: spiritless, lethargic

Example: The sprightly old woman walks two miles every day.

6. SANCTIMONIOUS (ADJECTIVE): Self-righteous: (पाखंडी)

Synonyms: insincere, hypocritical

Antonyms: honest, sincere

Example: His sanctimonious expressions explained his intentions.

7. SULLEN (ADJECTIVE): Morose: (उदास)

Synonyms: gloomy, brooding

Antonyms: cheerful, pleasant

Example: The people lapsed into a sullen silence.

8. CHAOTIC (ADJECTIVE): Disordered: (अराजकतापूर्ण)

Synonyms: uncontrolled, lawless

Antonyms: ordered, organized

Example: My house becomes a chaotic place in the absence of my wife.

9. CONTRITE (ADJECTIVE): Chastened: (पछताया हुआ)

Synonyms: repentant, sorrowful

Antonyms: indifferent, unapologetic

Example: He was so contrite that he wrote me a letter of apology.

10. PRUNE (VERB): Pare down:(काटना/ छाँटना)

Synonyms: trim, reduce

Antonyms: include, increase

Example : Economic hard times are forcing the companies to prune their budget.

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