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We are Sharing a  One word substitution PDF In Hindi  one word substitution for helpful for all Competitive Exam Like SSC CGL, BANK, RAILWAYS,  RRB NTPC, LIC AAO this pdf includes all previous year One word substitution questions  it is very helpful for all govt exams this pdf is necessary for all exam  like SSC BANK. is an online Educational Platform, where you can download free PDF for UPSC, SSC CGL, BANK, RAILWAYS,  RRB NTPC, LIC AAO, and many other exams.


One word substitution PDF In Hindi:- All basic concepts cover in this Pdf all questions covers easy way and simple concepts today we are sharing a one word substitution pdf in Hindi  pdf will help upgrade your masks and basic concepts UPSC, SSC CGL Exams. Our PDF will help you .


One word substitution PDF :- simple and easy concepts for better accuracy for all types of students today we are sharing a one word substitution for all competitive exams. will update many more new pdf and study materials and exam updates, keep Visiting and share our post, So more people will get this.

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One Word Substitution Definition – एकार्थी शब्द की परिभाषा भाषा में कई शब्दों के स्थान पर जिस एक शब्द को बोल कर भाषा को अधिक प्रभावशाली एवं आकर्षक बनाया जाता है। उस एक शब्द को एकार्थी शब्द कहा जाता है। दूसरा उदाहरण- ‘जिस स्त्री का पति मर चुका हो’ शब्द-समूह के स्थान पर ‘विधवा’ शब्द प्रयोग किय

One word substitution PDF

Sr. No. Many Word One Word Hindi Meaning
1 A Place Where Animals
Are Slaughtered For The Market
Abattoir कसाईखाना
2 Shortening Something
By Omitting Parts Of It
Abbreviation संक्षिप्त
3 To Give Up A Throne
Abdicate त्यागना
4 Voluntary Giving Up
Of Throne In Favour Of Someone
Abdication त्याग
5 Do Away With Abolish समाप्त करना
6 The Original
Inhabitants Of A Country
Aborigines मुलनिवासी
7 An Edition A Book In
Which It Has Been Condensed
Abridged संगृहीत
8 To Do Away With Rules Abrogate अभिनिषेध करना
9 Move Faster Accelerate में तेजी लाने के
10 Which Can Be
Accessible सुलभ
11 To Accustom Oneself
In New Climate
Acclimatize जलवायु का अभ्यस्त
12 A Partner In Crime Accomplice साथी
13 Responsible For One’s
Accountable उत्तरदायी
14 Make Oneself Familiar
With A Person Or A Thing
Acquaint परिचित
15 The Act Of Freeing A
Person From A Charge By Verdict
Acquittal दोषमुक्ति
16 Someone Versed In The
Interpretation Of Numerical Data
Actuary मुंशी
17 A Substance That Can
Stick Or Cause Sticking
Adhesive गोंद
18 The Period Between
The Beginning Of Puberty And Adulthood
Adolescence किशोरावस्था
19 To Falsify A Thing By
Admixture Or Baser Ingredients
Adulteration मिलावट
20 Person Who Pilots Or
Travels In A Balloon Airship Or Other Aircraft
Aeronaut वायु-यान चलानेवाला
21 Science Of Flight Of
Aeronautics एयरोनॉटिक्स
22 Fear Of Height Aerophobia ऊंचाई का डर
23 Person Who Claims To
Have Great Love For Understanding Of What Is Beautiful In Nature , Art Etc
24 A List Of Headings Of
The Business To Be Transacted At A Meeting
Agenda कार्यसूची
25 To Increase The
Gravity Of An Offence Or The Intensity Of A Disease
Aggravate छेड़ना
26 Someone Who Attacks Aggressor आक्रामक
27 Fear Of Pain Agliophobia
28 A Person Who Claims
The Existence Of God Is Unknowable
Agnostic अज्ञेयवाद का
29 Fear Of Open Spaces
Or Crowd
Agoraphobia भीड़ से डर लगना
30 Belonging To A
Foreign Country
Alien विदेशी
31 Arouse Hostility Or
Indifference In
Alienate हटाना
32 Allowance Paid To
Wife On Legal Separation
Alimony गुजारा भत्ता
33 A Story In Which
Ideas Are Symbolised As People
Allegory रूपक
34 Commencement Of Words
With The Same Letter
Alliteration अनुप्रास
35 An Annual Calender
With Positions Of Stars
Almanac पंचांग
36 A Raised Place On
Which Offering To A God Are Made
Altar वेदी
37 A Person Who Loves
Every Body
Altruist परोपकार के सिद्धन्त
38 A Lover Of Mankind Altruist/Philanthropist एल्ट्रूइस्ट /
39 A Man Who Does A
Thing For Pleasure And Not As A Profession
Amateur शौकिया
40 Fear Of Riding A Car Amaxophobia
41 One Who Represents A
State In A Foreign Country
Ambassador दूत
42 One, Who Can Use
Either Hand With Ease
43 Of A Person Who Can
Use Both Hands Equally Well
Ambidextrous कपटी
44 An Expression Or
Statement That Has More Than One Meaning
Ambiguity अस्पष्टता
45 Uncertain Or Unable
To Decide About What Course To Follow
46 A Van Which Is Used
In Transporting Wounded Or Serious Patients
Ambulance एम्बुलेंस
47 One Who Is Likeable Amiable सौम्य
48 Partial Or Total Loss
Of Memory
Amnesia भूलने की बीमारी
49 A Warrant Granting
Release From Punishment For An Offense
Amnesty आम माफ़ी
50 Animals Which Live
Both On Land And Sea
Amphibian उभयचर
51 To Cut Off A Part Of
A Person’s Body Which Is Infected
Amputate अंग-विच्छेद करना
52 A Person Or Thing Out
Of Time And Out Of Date; Belonging To A Different Era Either Earlier Or Later
Anachronism कालभ्रम
53 One, Who Is Out To
Destroy All Governance, Law And Order
Anarchist अराजकतावादी
54 A State Of
Lawlessness And Disorder
Anarchy अराजकता
55 Physical Structure Anatomy एनाटॉमी
56 Fear Of Males Androphobia
57 One Who Is Fond Of
English People And Their Customs
58 The Yearly Return Of
A Date
Anniversary सालगिरह
59 Which Happens Once A
Annual वार्षिक
60 Medicine Which
Lessens Pain
Anodyne पीड़ा-नाशक
61 Deviation Or
Departure From Common Rule Of Standard
Anomaly विसंगति
62 Having No Known Name
Or Identity Or Known Source
Anonymous गुमनाम
63 Fear Of Getting Fat
Makes Young Girl Stop Eating Resulting IN harmful Effect
Anorexia आहार
64 Capable Of Being
Answerable जवाबदेह
65 A Person Who Opposes
Antagonist प्रतिपक्षी
66 Be Earlier In Time;
Go Back Further
Antedate समय से पूर्व घटित
67 Room Leading Into A
Large Room
Anteroom गलियारा
68 A Collection Of Poems Anthology संकलन
69 Student Of The
Development Of The Mankind
Anthropologist मानवविज्ञानी
70 Science Of The
Origins And Social Relationships Of Humans
Anthropology नृविज्ञान
71 A Remedy That Stops
Or Controls The Effects Of A Poison
Antidote मारक
72 Strong Dislike Or
Antipathy घृणा
73 Thoroughly Clean And
Free Of Disease-Causing Organisms
Antiseptic सड़न रोकनेवाली दबा
74 A Word That Expresses
An Opposite Meaning
Antonym विलोम
75 Lack Of Feeling Apathy उदासीनता
76 Loss Of Speech Aphasia बोली बंद होना
77 That Which Causes
Sexual Arousal


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