One word substitution PDF In Hindi with Meaning

One word substitution In Hindi PDF

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Importance of One Word Substitutes in Hindi and English

It is very important to use less word to explain what you are trying to say.

“One-word substitution” itself indicates replacement of a single word which has the same meaning as a group of words or a full sentence. It is seen that fewer words are always easy to understand. This makes the language easily accessible. We also use these words to bring an effect of compression in writing. In the English language, there are a lot of such single words.

  1. अण्डे से जन्म लेने वाला- अण्डज
  2. इतिहास को जानने वाला- इतिहासज्ञ
  3. उच्च न्यायालय का न्यायाधीश- न्यायमूर्ति
  4. एक स्थान से दूसरे स्थान को हटाया हुआ- स्थानान्तरित
  5. एक भाषा की लिखी हुई बात को दूसरी भाषा में लिखना या कहना- अनुवाद
  6. उपकार के प्रति किया गया उपकार- प्रत्युपकार
  7. अपने देश से दूसरे देश में सामान जाना- निर्यात
  8. अचानक हो जाने वाला- आकस्मिक
  9. आवश्यकता से अधिक वर्षा- अतिवृष्टि
  10. दूसरे देश से अपने देश में सामान आना- आयात
  11. आज्ञा का पालन करने वाला- आज्ञाकारी
  12. आँखों से परे- परोक्ष
  13. अपनी हत्या स्वयं करना- आत्महत्या
  14. आँखों के सामने- प्रत्यक्ष
  15. अवसर के अनुसार बदल जाने वाला- अवसरवादी
  16. अभिनय करने वाली स्त्री- अभिनेत्री
  17. अनुचित या बुरा आचरण करने वाला- दुराचारी
  18. अपने कर्तव्य का निर्णय न कर सकने वाला- किंकर्तव्यविमूढ़
  19. अपने परिवार के साथ- सपरिवार
  20. अपना हित चाहने वाला- स्वार्थी
  21. अभिनय करने वाला पुरुष- अभिनेता
  22. अपने देश के साथ विश्वासघात करने वाला- देशद्रोही
  23. अविवाहित लड़की- कुमारी
  24. अपनी इच्छा से दूसरों की सेवा करने वाला- स्वयंसेवक
  25. ऊपर कहा हुआ- उपर्युक्त
  26. आठ पदवाला- अष्टपदी
  27. अपने देश से प्यार करने वाला- देशभक्त
  28. अधः (नीचे) लिखा हुआ- अधोलिखित
  29. ईश्वर में आस्था रखने वाला- आस्तिक
  30. ईश्वर पर विश्वास न रखने वाला- नास्तिक


Topic of One Word Substitution–

  • Adjectives
  • Adverbs
  • Determiners
  • Direct and Indirect Speech
  • Gerund and Present Participle (ing form)
  • Nouns
  • Passive
  • Possessive
  • Relative Clauses
  • The Infinitive
  • To Get
  • Verbs and Verb Tenses

Study-related One Word Substitution Examples
Study of Stars Astronomy I love this  book on Astronomy.
Study of statistics is known as Demography The demography of the whole town’s population has been mapped.
The study of ancient writing and scriptures Paleography These three university professors have been immersed in the research and study of Paleography for over a decade.
The study of rocks and soil Geology My Geology homework is not going to be completed by the final submission date.
The ancient search for a universal panacea, and of the philosopher’s stone. The medieval version of the study of Chemistry Alchemy The magician wanted to learn Alchemy to master some ancient spells.
The study of evolution of mankind Anthropology Anthropological research helps us trace our civilization.
The study of Human Mind Psychology I am really interested in studying Psychology and how the mind works.
The practice of writing dictionaries Lexicography She works in the Lexicography department of the publishing house.
The study of plants Botany Her interests in plants motivated her to pursue this course in Botany.
The study of rocks and soils Geology Do I need to study Geology before going rock climbing?
The study of languages Philology How many languages does Philology covers?
Group/Collection One Word Substitution Examples
A group of sheep Flock I saw a shepherd down the hill with a flock of sheep.
A family of young animals Brood Mr. Styles like spending hours bathing the brood of horses in the stable.
A number of people travelling together in a big van or jeep Caravan A caravan of hippies just passed by.
A series of stars Constellation This constellation looks like a burger!
A large group of people Horde A horde of college students were gathered around the voting booth.
A temporary police force Posse Jake went to arrest the criminal with his posse.
A group of cattle or sheep Herd Keep your herd of cows in the backyard.
A number of fish swimming together Shoal I saw a shoal of mackerel on that side of the river.
A group of worshippers Congregation The congregation will happen at St. Mary’s Church at 4pm tomorrow.
Person/People One Word Substitution Examples
The one who loves mankind Philanthropist He became a renowned philanthropist after joining Buddhism.
The one who looks at the brighter side of everything Optimist Louis has always been the biggest optimistic person I know.
The one who looks at the negative/dark side of everything. Pessimist I am always on the edge of becoming a total pessimist.
The one who does not believe in God. Atheist I am neither an Atheist nor a religious person.
The one who eats human flesh Cannibal The police caught these cannibals from the jungle.
Someone who regards the world as their country Cosmopolitan Globalisation will give rise to more cosmopolitans.
The one who loves good food and knows a lot about it Gourmet I could have been a Gourmet if I liked spicy food!
Someone who lives in solitude Recluse I want to become a recluse after I retire.
Someone who speaks more than one language Polyglot I took up Turkish to become a Polyglot.
A person who boasts of one’s achievements Egotist She saw him as a thoughtless egotist.
People who can vote in an election: Electorate Last year’s electorate comprised of many first-time voters.
A person who loves himself the most Narcissist John is a narcissist and will never love anyone else but himself.
A person who draws maps Cartographer A cartographer can help you find the right way through a complex forest land through his mastery of maps.
A person who abandons his religion Apostate Watching his daughter die of cancer made Steve become an apostate.
A person was appointed to settle a dispute between two parties Arbitrator In their final judgement, the jury presented that it is necessary for the parties to have an arbitrator to reach mutual consent.
The one who knows everything Omniscient He is such a know-it-all but he is not an omniscient.
The one who is all powerful Omnipotent We often stereotype a superhero as an Omnipotent but it’s important to have some flaws to make them human.
The one who is present everything Omnipresent Technology has become synonymous with omnipresent nowadays.
Someone who is eighty years old. Octogenarian My grandpa is an octogenarian.
The one who settles in another country. Immigrant It isn’t easy being an immigrant in the USA.
Someone who cares about mankind. Humanitarian She is known for her humanitarian efforts.
Person/People One Word Substitution Examples
Someone trained to travel and operate a spacecraft. Astronaut Kalpana Chawla is one of the greatest women astronauts.
The one who makes maps or charts Cartographer We need a cartographer to decode these cryptic maps.
Someone who sells or grows flowers or studies or writes about flowers. Florist Harry is my favorite florist and I like how he gives unique facts about what every flower symbolizes.
Someone with a beautiful handwriting Calligrapher I started as a calligrapher and then became a tattoo artist.
The supervising person during an examination Invigilator The invigilator is too lazy to even check the students in the back.
Someone who presents or hosts a radio show Radio Jockey A radio jockey needs to have brilliant communication skills.
Someone who choreographs dances attuning certain sequences of steps and movements along music Choreographer Can you find me a wedding choreographer?
Someone who is the custodian or the keeper of a museum Curator I like being a curator as I get to meet artists from different parts of the world.
A person who doesn’t like humankind devoids himself of human society Misanthrope Grinch wasn’t the mean-spirited misanthrope most of us took him to be.
A person who collects coins as a hobby Numismatist As a Numismatist, I have a huge collection of currencies from almost all the countries around the world.
Someone employed to drive a hired car Chauffeur The chauffeur will come by 4 pm to the venue.
Someone who walks by foot. Pedestrian This side of the road is for Pedestrians.
Someone who is reserved and shy. Introvert I like being an introvert and I am happy with a small social circle.
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