Tips and Tricks and Shortcuts for Tense

Tips and Tricks and Shortcuts for Tense 

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Tips and Tricks for Tenses

While you have an idea about the types of tenses, it is important to know how these tense are further divided into several sub divisions that give you an exact about when a moment is happening, or has happened or will happen. So to clearly state the parts let’s discuss each of these in brief and the tips, tricks and shortcuts for Tense

Simple Tense

Simple tense, as the name suggest takes only the subject, the verb and the object into the play. However, while addressing the nouns you have to be clear whether it s singular or plural.


Continuous Tense

Continuous Tense is used to address the actions that are continuing in the present moment. To relate it with present, past and future, we use ‘ing’ to show the continuity of actions.

    • Present Tense – He is coming to my house now (singular) / They are coming to my house now (plural)
    • Past Tense – She was coming to my house (singular) / They were coming to my house (plural)
    • Future Tense – I / They will be going to the theatres tomorrow

Perfect Tense

Perfect Tense is used to show the completion of an action that had started or is happening or will start followed by the past participle form of the verb.

    • Present Tense – She has seen the tiger in the zoo (singular) / They have seen the tiger in the zoo (plural)
    • Past Tense – She / They had seen the tiger in the zoo
    • Future Tense – She / They will have to come back from zoo by 6 pm.

Perfect Continuous Tense

The Perfect Continuous Tense (also termed as the Perfect Progressive Tenseshows that something started in the past and either ended in the past, or is continuing in the present, or will happen in the future.

    1. Present Tense – She loves dancing and singing (singular) / They love dancing and singing (plural)
    2. Past Tense – She / They had been dancing all night.
    3. Future Tense – She / they will be dancing tomorrow at the farewell

Click to know more about the rules of using Tips and Tricks for forms of tenses.

Rules for Tenses

Added Tips, Tricks and Shortcuts for Tenses

Understanding the question form:

Understand the questions first and try to find out if it needs change or not as sometimes there are a few questions which requires no change and are given merely to confuse the reader.

Right Form of Verb:

While answering the questions related to tenses, make sure you understand the time of action as it will help in choosing the right form of verb.

Different Types of Tenses:

There are other tenses also other than present, past and future, such as perfect, progressive tense as well as present progressive.


As a general tip, make sure that you use consistent form of verb all over the sentence or text, until the theme or time of action needs to change. This helps you to avoid parallelism in a sentence.

Changing Verbs:

Verbs change constantly within a text, therefor, having a thorough understanding of the forms of verbs is quite necessary.

Re-Read Sentence:

Make sure you read the sentence after answering the questions as it will help you in taking out grammatical errors, if any.

Practice Questions for Tenses – Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks – Present Tense

Question 1.

Identify the form of tense in the below sentence:

The woman has a soothing voice

A.  Present perfect
B.  Simple perfect
C.  Past perfect
D.  Present continuous

Correct Answer: B

Explanation: The sentence uses “has” which is usually takes present form.

Shortcuts tips and tricks– Past Tense

Question 1.

Complete the sentence with suitable tense:

She ___ to the market an hour ago.

A.  Go
B.  Gone
C.  Had gone
D.  Went

Correct Answer: D

Explanation: The action is done already an hour ago, therefore, went is the right option. It is a simple past sentence.

Tips and Tricks and Shortcuts– Future Tense

Question 1.

Write the correct form of tense for the underlined word:

will finish my homework by tomorrow.

A.  Will be
B.  Should
C.  Had
D.  No change

Correct Answer: D

 Tenses and Articles – Articles Questions

Question 1

Are you shopping for ___ health club to join so you can get in shape?
A. a
B. an
C. the
D. no article is needed

Answer: A

Explanation: Here the person is talking about any unspecified / general health club, hence we use ‘A’.

Question 2

We have paid him ______ money.

A. a

B. the

C. an

D. No article

Answer: The

Explanation – here we see that he person is paying money. here, money is plural and with any plural noun we always use the definite article – the.

Question 3.

America will become —– super power shortly

A. a
B. an
C. the
D. some

Answer: A
Explanation: “A” is used before words starting in consonant sounds and any adjective that states a simple /positive degree, it uses ‘A’.

Question 4.

Who is _____ boy standing there?

A. The
B. A
C. That
D. This

Answer: The

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