SBI SO Exam syllabus 2020


SBI SO Exam syllabus 2020

Welcome to mynotesadda.com,Here you will get detailed syllabus and useful information about STATE BANK OF INDIA (SPACIALIST OFFICERS) EXAMINATION

Every year the State Bank of India issues SBI SO recruitment.To start the training, candidates preparing for the SBI SO exam must have a good idea about the syllabus of the exam.The SBI SO analysis will be done online and interview in two stages.We posted the comprehensive SBI SO Syllabus and Exam Template for prelims and mains exams here.Aspirants should refer the pattern and syllabus of the SBI SO exams below and plan themselves accordingly.

  • These are specialist officer vacancies to be inducted for the roles of engineers , architects, assistant managers, officers, analysts, test managers, and several other positions.
  • The test involves a large amount of syllabus to be examined, due to several posts.
  • That’s why we’re here to send you the full SBI SO Syllabus, so you can get your preparations on track.

Candidates who are interested in taking this opportunity should find this article useful as we will cover the new SBI SO Syllabus in section here.If you want to learn the relevant subjects from the point of view of the review, then this article will be your solution finder.Keep reading this article to learn the SBI SO Syllabus all over.


  • The test will be of bilingual, i.e. English and Hindi.
  • All questions will be of objective type with five options.
  • For each wrong answer there will be 0.25 marks detected from total marks.
  • But unanswered questions will not carry any negative marks.
  • There will be sectional as well as overall cut off.

Detailed SBI SO 2020

Until we get into the particulars of SBI SO Syllabus 2020, let’s take a brief overview of the exam in general.

Exam Name
SBI SO 2020
Conducting Authority
State Bank of India (SBI)
Posts offered
Special Cadre Officers (Engineers, Architects, Designers, Assistant Managers, Officers, administrators, Developers, Tester, Manager, Analysts, Test Lead, Innovation Specialist & More)
Mode of exam
Number of papers
Question paper type
Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)
Medium of exam
English and Hindi
Number of questions
Depends on the post you apply
Official Website


SBI SO Syllabus 2020

Reasoning Ability

Consult the SBI SO Syllabus for Reasoning Skill below to get the most out of your preparation:

  1. Ranking
  2. Odd one out
  3. Blood relations
  4. Assertion and Reason
  5. Statement and course of action
  6. Alphabet test
  7. Clocks and Calendars
  8. Analytical reasoning
  9. Alphanumeric sequence puzzle
  10. Arithmetical reasoning
  11. Classification
  12. Clocks and Calendars
  13. Data sufficiency
  14. Deriving conclusions from passages
  15. Direction and Distance Sense Test
  16. Inserting the missing character
  17. Time sequence test
  18. Cause and effect
  19. Input and output arrangement
  20. Seating arrangement
  21. Coded inequalities
  22. Logical Sequence of words
  23. Decision making
  24. Statement – Conclusions
  25. Logical Venn diagrams
  26. Theme detection
  27. Alphabet numbers
  28. Series test
  29. Syllogism
  30. Analogies
  31. Coding and Decoding
  32. Statement and Assumptions
  33. Passage and Conclusion Test
  34. Non-verbal reasoning (Sense test, Analogy, Odd figures)

English Language

For this segment follow the topics below to score decent marks:

  1. Articles
  2. Comprehension
  3. Identification of errors
  4. Grammar
  5. Vocabulary
  6. Theme Detection
  7. Tenses
  8. Cloze test
  9. Conclusion
  10. Para jumbles
  11. Para substitute
  12. Passage
  13. Choosing the appropriate word
  14. Spelling check
  15. Idioms and Phrases
  16. Verb
  17. Completion of sentence
  18. Correction of sentence
  19. Idioms and Phrases
  20. Rearrangement sentence
  21. Subject-verb agreement
  22. Theme detection
  23. Unseen passage
  24. Word formation
  25. Synonyms
  26. Antonyms
  27. Fill in the blanks

Quantitative Aptitude

To get a vivid idea of the topics coming for the review you should look at the topics below:

  1. Line graphs
  2. Logarithms
  3. Average
  4. Clocks
  5. HCF & LCM
  6. Compound Interest
  7. Boats & Streams
  8. Decimal
  9. Fraction
  10. Mensuration
  11. Simplification
  12. Probability
  13. Time, Speed & Distance
  14. Profit and Loss
  15. Permutation and Combination
  16. Problems on ages
  17. Data Interpretation and Sufficiency (Pie chart, Bar graphs, Mixed graphs, Data table, Case study etc)
  18. Problems on train
  19. Area
  20. Time and work
  21. Volume & surface
  22. Roots
  23. Number system
  24. Partnership
  25. Unitary method
  26. Problem-based on numbers
  27. Ratio and Proportion
  28. Simple Interest

Professional Knowledge

The segment on technical awareness covers various topics depending on the posts you select.You can opt for courses such as Object-oriented programming, Data Structure, Compiler Design, Chartered Accounting , Law, Statistics, Software Engineering, Operating System , Data Communication and Networking, Database Management System and others through Professional Knowledge.

Common For All IT Posts

  1. Integrated circuits
  2. Database management system
  3. Data structure
  4. Data communication and Networking
  5. Computer organization and Microprocessor
  6. Programming language C, C++, and OOPS
  7. Compiler design
  8. Cybersecurity and Threats
  9. Operating system and amp, system programming
  10. Software engineering
  11. Digital electronics
  12. Mobile technologies

Common For All Finance Posts

  1. Management accounting concepts
  2. Direct and Indirect taxes
  3. Cost accounting
  4. Accounting standards
  5. Basic accounting concepts and principles
  6. Auditing standards

SBI SO Syllabus for Chartered Accountant

  1. Accounting standards
  2. Accounting guidance note
  3. Financial report standards
  4. Indian accounting standards
  5. Corporate financial reporting
  6. Accounting and Reporting of financial instrument
  7. Share-based payment
  8. Liability valuation
  9. Share
  10. Business valuation
  11. Inflation accounting
  12. Indian capital market
  13. Mutual funds
  14. Foreign exchanges
  15. Auditing

SBI SO Syllabus for Statistician

  1. Basic statistical methods and Inference
  2. Uni-variate data
  3. Bi-variate data
  4. Time series
  5. Forecasting
  6. Sampling concepts
  7. Sampling distribution
  8. Estimations theory
  9. Simple regression
  10. Multiple regression
  11. Variance analysis
  12. Banking-Insurance
  13. Financial market
  14. Foreign exchange
  15. Forecasting portfolio

SBI SO Syllabus for Law Officer

  1. Banking regulated laws
  2. Banking security laws
  3. Negotiable instruments
  4. Ethics and corporate governance in banking
  5. Financial analysis
  6. Banking operational laws
  7. Banker-customer relations
  8. Electronic banking
  9. Loans and advances
  10. Compliance and legal aspects
  11. Security types and Regulatory frameworks

SBI SO IT Officer Syllabus

  1. Computer networks
  2. Basic programming languages (C, C++, Java)
  3. Database Management Systems (DBMS)
  4. Basic concepts of software and hardware
  5. Data structures
  6. Computer Organization
  7. Computer Networks
  8. Network Programming
  9. Algorithms
  10. Digital Electronics
  11. Web Technologies
  12. Information Systems
  13. Software Engineering

SBI SO Syllabus for Data Communication and Networking

  1. Data communication
  2. Types of connections
  3. Types of networks
  4. Transmission media
  5. Network devices
  6. Network models
  7. Datalink layer
  8. Network layer
  9. Transmission control protocol
  10. Network security

SBI SO Syllabus for Operating System

  1. Introduction to system
  2. Process
  3. Distributed operating system
  4. Security & threats protection

SBI SO Syllabus for Software Engineering

  1. Software design
  2. User interface design
  3. Software analysis and testing
  4. Test oracles
  5. Black-box testing
  6. Validation
  7. Traceability
  8. Testing levels
  9. Test criteria
  10. Architectural design
  11. Requirement elicitation
  12. Tracking

SBI SO Syllabus for Compiler Design

  1. Bootstrapping
  2. LEX
  3. Input buffering
  4. Recognition of tokens
  5. Parsers
  6. LR parsers
  7. L-attributed definitions
  8. Symbol tables
  9. Error recovery
  10. Parsing programs
  11. Parsing control statements
  12. Run-time administration

SBI SO Syllabus for Data Structure

  1. Array definition
  2. Stack
  3. Circular queues
  4. D-queues
  5. Priority queues
  6. Binary trees
  7. Complete binary trees
  8. Extended binary trees
  9. Internal and External sorting
  10. Insertion sort
  11. Bubble sort
  12. Sequential representations of graphs

SBI SO Syllabus for Object-Oriented Programming (OOPS)

  1. Features, advantages, and applications of OOPS
  2. General concept of OOPS- Classes, Data abstraction, Object, Encapsulation, Polymorphism, Dynamic binding
  3. Aggregation and Association, Generalization, Multiple inheritance

SBI SO Syllabus for Computer Organization and Microprocessor

  1. Computer Configuration
  2. Memory architecture
  3. Machine instructions
  4. Basic computer operation
  5. Micro Computers
  6. Computer language
  7. Stack pointer
  8. Program counter
  9. OP code format
  10. DMA


SBI SO Syllabus & Exam Pattern 2020:

The test will take place in two phases: electronic (computer-based) test, and interview.Online Examination: the computer-based test consists of four parts, Reasoning, English Language, Technical Skills, and Qualitative Skill.The question paper would pose a total of 170 issues.The reasoning and professional knowledge section consists of 50 questions each and 35 questions are included in the English and Quantitative section.The test period is 2 hours, and 15 minutes.There will be negative marks for every incorrect answer so the applicant will carefully attempt the questions.Find the map below that you’ll easily understand.

SBI SO Exam Pattern:

S. No
No of questions
Duration (Mins)
Quantitative Aptitude
English Language
Professional Knowledge

SBI SO 2020 Education Qualifications:

The candidate should have done graduation from any recognized university. For more about SBI PO 2020 Education Qualifications find below with Department Wise:

Required Experience
Deputy General Manager (Law, Contractual)
42 years-52 years
Candidates must have a degree in Law (3 / 5 years) from a recognized University in India.
The Candidates Must have Bar Council of India registered as an advocate. Candidates also have at least 17 Years’ experience in the Legal Department as a law officer of Asset Reconstruction Company or Scheduled Commercial Banks or Financial Institutions and have extensive experience in Rehabilitation & Recovery.
For Special Management Executive
30 years to 40 years
Candidates must have a PG Diploma or ICWA/ CA/ ACS/ MBA in Finance From AICTE Gov. Recognized institutes. All Courses completed through correspondence / Part-time.
At least 5 years experience post qualification as an Executive in the Supervisory/ Management role: listed Financial Institution or In a Scheduled Commercial Bank/Subsidiary of a Scheduled Commercial Bank or a Public Sector. Applicants possessing experience in the processing of credit proposals will be preferred.
Deputy Manager (Law)
25 years – 35 years
Must have the degree in Law (3 / 5 years) from a Recognized University in India
Candidates must have Registered as Advocates with Bar Council and also have 4 years of combined experience as practicing advocates or 4 years of experience as practicing Advocate and Law Officer in the Legal Department of Scheduled Commercial Banks.
Deputy General Manager (Law)
42 years to 52 years
Must have a degree in Law (3 / 5 years) from a Recognized University in India. PG degree in Law will be given preference.
Candidates Must have Bar Council of India registered as an advocate. Candidates also have at least 17 Years’ experience in the Legal Department as a law officer of Asset Reconstruction Company or Scheduled Commercial Banks or Financial Institutions and have extensive experience in Rehabilitation & Recovery.



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