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Railway Exam Question Paper | RRB Question

RRB NTPC Railway Book PDF Download:-  GK  Hindi for competitive exams preparation and for your Railway GK. RRB Previous Question Paper In Hindi and explanations are very helpful for your Exam. This Railway Questions for those Students who are preparing for Government examinations should read this page. Download RRB Question In English,  Railway questions Paper, and answers and practice online RRB GK quiz  PDF at the End of the Blog. 

Railway Question in Hindi is very important for all Sarkari exams because RRB GK covers all important topics. RRB GK questions are very easy to read and easy to learn that increase your RRB Gk numbers in Govt Exams. This Gk Question answer is most useful for all those exams.  In this post, we provide many NTPC questions and answers and cover most of the Railway TOPICS.


Previous Year Question Paper Of RRB 

  1. HRD Minister as on 27 Sep 2018? Prakash Javedkar
  2. Full form of NITI Ayog? National Institution for Transforming India
  3. Finance Minister as on 27 Sep 2018? Arun Jaitley
  4. HUL Swatch Bharath brand ambassador as on 27 Sep 2018? Kajol Devgan
  5.  Author of I DO WHAT I DO? Raghuram Rajan
  6. Hockey world cup venue? India
  7. National sports day? 29th August
  8. Who is named as the Horticulture ambassador of Maharastra? Amitabh Bachchan
  9.  Home Minister as on 27 Sep 2018? Rajnath Singh
  10.  One question from 2018 Padma Shri winner from Maharastra.
  11. IFFI 2017 Personality of the Year Award Winner? Amitabh Bachchan
  12. Where is the headquarter of BCCI? Mumbai
  13.  Goa is on the bank of which river? Mandovi
  14. Who was the Indian Cricket Team ODI captain in 2017? Virat Kohli
  15. Narendra Modi’s Birthday is celebrated as ……. Diwas? Sewa Diwas
  16. Who is the Host of Big Boss Season 11? Salman Khan (Question Repeated)
  17. 2018 Oscar best actor award? Gary Oldman
  18.  What is the Full form of ASSOCHAM? The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM)
  19.  Minister of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution (Question Repeated)
  20.  Who won the Moorti Devi Award 2017? Joy Goswami (Question Repeated)
  21.  Who is known as Birdman of India? Salim Ali
  22.  One question related to the series Z=26, X= 24, V=22
  23.  Which is the inert gas in the fourth period?
  24.  Largest joint of the body? Hinge Joint
  25.  Mirror Image of TEETH?
  26.  Who is known as the ‘Iron Lady’ of North-East? Ms.Irom Sharmila Chanu
  27.  Who was won the Hockey Women Asia Cup 2018? South Korea
  28.  Chief Minister of Telangana as on 27 Sep 2018? KCR Rao (Question Repeated)
  29.  Who is the Brand Ambassador of GST in India? Amitabh Bachchan (Question Repeated)
  30.  Chief Minister of Manipur as on 27 Sep 2018? N Biren Singh
  31.  Who was crowned Miss India 2017? Manushi Chillar (Question Repeated)
  32.  Valency of Halogen Group? 1
  33.  Valency of N2? 10 (Two atoms of 5 makes it 10)
  34.  Scientific name of Mango? Mangifera indica
  35.  Which element has the smallest atomic radius? Options: Na, Mg, S, Cl? Cl (79)
  36.  What will be the electro-negativity on moving left to right in the Periodic table? Electronegativity increases from left to right in a row in the periodic table
  37.  King of Acid? Sulphuric Acid
  38. What is the chemical name of Cao? QuickLime
  39.  What is the chemical name of H2SO4? Sulfuric acid
  40.  CEO of Flipkart as on 27 Sep 2018? K Krishnamurthy
  41.  CJI of India as on 27 Sep 2018? Dipak Misra (Question Repeated)
  42.  Chief Minister of Tripura as on 27 Sep 2018? Biplab Kumar Deb


  1.  Cuso4+Zn= znso4+cu (Displacement Reaction) (Question Repeated)
  2.  The year 2016 had 52 weeks and p days. Find p? 2
  3.  What is the square root of 15625? 125
  4.  One question related to the intake of Antibiotic & its effect on Intestine.
  5. SI unit of Power? Watt
  6.  What principle of conservation does rocket work on? Conservation of Momentum
  7.  Who got Padma Vibushan 2018 award in music & arts field? Ilaiyaraja Maestro
  8.  A 10 kg object changes its velocity from 5 m/s to 20 m/s in 5 sec span. Find Force? 30 N
  9.  Udan first flight: Shimla to Delhi
  10.  Rank of India in Global Hunger Index (As on 1 Oct 2018) ? 100
  11.  Maximum Age of Pension in NPS? 65
  12.  First UNESCO world heritage site in India? Ajanta, Ellora, Agra Fort, Taj Mahal (1983)
  13.  Leg : Dance :: Tail : Wag
  14.  One question related to Potential & Kinetic Energy
  15.  CM of Uttarakhand? Trivendra Singh Rawat
  16.  Runner up of 2017 Hockey World Cup?
  17.  State flower of Jharkhand? Sacred Tree
  18.  Who got the Best Actress Award at 64th Filmfare Awards? Sonam Kapoor
  19.  Who has been honoured with the Scientific and Engineering Academy Award at the Oscars Scientific and Technical Awards 2018? Vikas Sathaye
  20.  Fastest Cricketer to reach 8000 ODI runs mark? Virat Kohli
  21.  Where is Valley of Fowers? Uttarakhand
  22.  How many chromosomes are present in an unfertilized egg cell? 23 chromosomes
  23.  Day on 5 March 2020? Thursday
  24.  Second capital of Himachal Pradesh? Dharamshala
  25.  a + 1/a = -√3 then find a^3 + 1/a^3 = 0
  26.  Formula of Power= Work/ Time
  27.  When was Quit India Movement Launched? 1942
  28.  Atomic Mass of Carbon? 12.011 atomic mass units
  29.  Formula of Pressure = Thrust/area
  30.  Want: Yearn :: punishment: ?
  31.  Who is the first Indian woman to climb Mt. Everest four times? Anshu Jamsenpa
  32.  Who was the information & broadcasting minister in Feb 2018? Smriti Irani
  33.  In which field Krishna Sobti got Jnanpith award? Hindi Literature
  34. Earth: Ball:: Pancake: DISK
  35.  One question related to Fiba championship.
  36.  Who shifted the capital from Delhi to Daultabad? Mohammad Bin Tughluq
  37.  How many medals did India win in Asia 2017 Wrestling Championship? 10
  38.  Leader of Loksabha? Narendra Modi
  39.  Who won the FIBA Asia Cup 2017? Australia
  40.  A father gave 2/5 of the total money he had to his child. The child donated 1/3 from the money he got. If the donated money was Rs.16858. Find the total amount father had initially? 1,26,435
  41.  Name of the player in ESPN Top 100 Fame List? Virat Kohli
  42.  Which movie got the Filmfare award 2017? Dangal
  43. In Nov 2017, the total amount of Rice sold by all the states was 35 Lakhs. Out of all the states, Chennai sold 20%. What was the total amount of Rice sold by the Chennai state? 7Lakhs
  44.  One question related to Padma Vibhushan.
  45.  Venn Diagram: Mobile, Electronics, Laptop
  46.  In a right-angled triangle, the Hypotenuse is 15 cm, Perpendicular is 12 cm, Find Base? 9 cm
  47.  Questions related to Periodic Table scientists
  48.  If HEN is written as EWN. COCK will be written as?


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Railway Exam Question Paper | RRB Question In English
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