Railway Question With Answer | Railway GK Questions

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Railway Question With Answer | Railway GK Questions 

Railway Question With Answer | Railway GK Questions:- Gk English for competitive exams preparation and for your Railway GK. GK Previous Question Paper In Hindi and explanations are very helpful for your Exam. This Railway Questions for those Students who are preparing for Government examinations should read this page. Download Railway Question With Answer,  Railway questions, and answers and practice online RRB GK quiz  PDF at the End of the Blog. 

Railway Question Answer is very important for all Sarkari exams because NTPC GK covers all important topics. NTPC GK questions are very easy to read and easy to learn that increase your RRB Gk numbers in Govt Exams. This Gk Question answer is most useful for all those exams.  In this post, we provide many NTPC questions and answers and cover most of the Railway TOPICS.


GK Questions For Railway 

  1.  Asian Games are held after every ……. year? Four 
  2.  Manitoulin Island is in which country? Canada 
  3.  How many elements were known when Mendeleev started his work?50 
  4.  2 Cu + O2 = 2 CuO is an example of ……….. reaction? Oxidation 
  5.  Al2(SO4)3 = Aluminium sulfate 
  6.  Mass of the earth is equal to – 
  7. Which type of tissue is capable of Cell Division? Meristematic Tissue 
  8.  The Theme song ’70 Saal Azadi, Yaad Karo Kurbani” is related to? Tiranga Yatra
  9.  3 sec^2 x – 2 tan^2 x is 6. Find x? 
  10. Infosys CEO? Salil Parekh 
  11. Date of Boston Tea Party? 16 December 1773 
  12.  What is the Theme of Swastha Bache Swastha Bharat? 
  13.  Tripitaka is related to? Buddhism 
  14.  India’s first underground museum was opened at the ……….. in New Delhi? Rashtrapati Bhavan 
  15.  Full form of IUCN. International Union for Conservation of Nature 
  16.  What was the theme of Book Fair New Delhi 2018? Environmental issues such as climate change, global warming, and water pollution 
  17.  Coating of Desert Plant? Cutin 
  18.  Name the process of water movement through a plant and its evaporation from aerial parts, such as leaves, stems and flowers? Transpiration 
  19.  Who won the Teen Universe Pageant 2018? Shreya Torne 
  20.  Who was the winner of IPL 2017? Mumbai Indians 
  21.  Winner of U-17 football world cup? England 
  22.  In which year, Qutubdin Aibak became the king of the slave dynasty? 1206 
  23.  Which movie is based on Phogat sisters? Dangal 
  24.  Which acid is produced in the Human Stomach? HCL 
  25.  National Voters Day? 25th Jan 26. CEO of Microsoft? Satya Nadella 
  26.  Function of Phloem? Transportation of Food in Plants 
  27. Founder of Paytm: Vijay Shekhar Sharma 
  28. Indian National Congress President in 2017? Sonia Gandhi 
  29.  Which of the following is a Non-metal in liquid form? Bromine 
  30.  Donald Trump is president of which country? USA 
  31. Element in the 2nd group of 4th Period Element? Calcium 
  32.  What is the difference between methyl and ethyl? Methyl consists of only one carbon atom in its compound, but ethyl consists of two carbon atoms in it. 
  33.  Which state launched: Our village our Development Scheme? Odisha 
  34.  Registan Desert is in which country? Afghanistan 
  35.  GST Brand Ambassador 2017? Amitabh Bachchan 
  36. What was the rank of India in Global Competitiveness Report 2018 published by the World Economic Forum? 58th out of 140 countries. 
  37.  Perini Shivatandavam dance related to? Telangana
  38. What was the name of the new scheme launched by NPCI? UPI 2.0 with overdraft facility 
  39.  Which Element has high boiling & high melting point? 
  40.  One cup related to Hockey Men’s World Cup 2018. 
  41.  On which River, the Almatti Dam is situated? Krishna River 
  42.  Current RBI governor? 
  43.  Herbivores large-small intestine is used to digest: Vitamins, Proteins, Fats, Cellulose? Cellulose


  1. The largest part of Brain? Cerebrum
  2. Find the Odd one out Carrot Bitter gourd Ridge gourd Cucumber
  3. Which line forms the boundary between India and China? McMahon
  4. If an object is placed between the point of curvature and focus of the concave lens, the image will be formed at?
  5. Who launched Bulletin App? Google
  6. Jallianwala Bagh massacre happened in which year? 13 April 1919
  7. Who was the first British Viceroy of India? Lord Canning
  8. Manipur CM belongs to which party? BJP 31. Who are the winners of IPL 2018? Chennai Super Kings
  9. Atom was discovered by? John Dalton
  10. Who is the CEO of ICICI Bank? Chanda Kochar
  11. First state to ratify GST from its state legislative assembly? Assam
  12. Which state police launched Operation Durga? Haryana
  13. One question related to CSK Team Owner.
  14. Another name of White Blood Cells WBC? Leukocytes
  15. Aung San Suu Kyi is related to which country? Myanmar
  16. Real Name of Guru Dutt? Vasanth Kumar Shivashankar Padukone
  17. Cube root of 0.000001331? 0.011
  18. Jammu Kashmir Female High Court Chief Justice? Gita Mittal (Question Repeated)
  19. The south Asian game began in which year? 1984
  20. Which country hosted the 2018 Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation (BIMSTEC) summit? Nepal
  21. Which of the following mountain is called the youngest mountain in India? Himalayas
  22. Odd one Out W-22, Y-25, S-18, U-20? Y-5
  23. Find the acceleration if an object has attained a speed of 5 m/s in 2 seconds? 2.5 m/ sec sq
  24. Wrist : Bangle:: Finger:? Ring


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Lots of you might be looking for your own Railway Question With Answer | Railway GK Questions .  But the majority of you have no luck in getting the appropriate source of discovering the gk railway Hindi.  Now, we worked hard and accumulated some most asked topics like railway recruitment board gk questionsworld gk, Science, Botany, Famous Days & Dates, Sports, Art & Culture, Government Schemes, Sports Quiz, Science & Technology, Indian Geography, World Geography, Current Affairs, and other Trending stuff.  Therefore, by assessing each and every category, you will all get a chance of exploring each of the subjects.  Thus you may hold a grip in getting a basic knowledge about each and each sector, rather than having zero ideas.  Please remember that the simple fact that the Questions Gathered on this webpage, are to help and provide you all a platform to practice.  This will not guarantee you that just these issues or questions are significant.  
Railway Question With Answer | Railway GK Questions 
So the basic idea of adding GK Important Question would be to test the enroller’s capability. Therefore, now all those people that are preparing for the different Competitive or positioning Tests, should clinic all these Questions. This doesn’t indicate that only from all of the RRB Questions will come. This will let you all have a general idea. And this practice will also boost up your confidence. Thus you may execute and give your best.  Do not worry, we will certainly, update each and every subject daily. So, the contenders can get the info on every topic Up to date. Now, all you have to do is research this Huge collection. And use this for your own preparation. Because as well as the general knowledge quiz, we even provided the correct answers.
This is a very rare location, where all the people will get both the Railway Question With Answer | Railway GK Questions and Replies without searching much.  So, obviously, you may attempt to attempt the RRB Previous Question Paper. There is a Whole Lot of collection of GK Railway In Hindi. And if you do not know the correct answer, you are able to find out it on the same webpage itself. This will surely lower your search time. Therefore, in the time period, you may actually check more stuff. Thus, go through each and every topic link available on this site.  We can confidently, guarantee you that these railway gk Hindi will assist you in getting the basic knowledge.  Please return to our website MyNotesAdda.com and check the upgraded stuff regularly. 


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