Railway Question | RRB Model Question Paper

gk of railway in hindi


Railway Question | RRB Model Question Paper

Railway Question | RRB Model Question Paper:- RRB GK  for competitive exams preparation and for your Railway GK Question. Railway Previous Question Paper and explanations are very helpful for your Exam. This RRB Questions for those Students who are preparing for Government examinations should read this page. Download Railway Question In English,  Railway questions Paper, and answers and practice online RRB GK quiz  PDF at the End of the Blog. 

GK Question is very important for all Sarkari exams because RRB GK covers all important topics. RRB GK questions are very easy to read and easy to learn that increase your Gk numbers in Govt Exams. This Gk Question answer is most useful for all those exams.  In this post, we provide many NTPC questions and answers and cover most of the Railway TOPICS.


Railway Gk Questions In English

  1. Oscar academy award function is held in which country? Los Angeles, California
  2.  What is the mass of the earth? 5.97 x 1024 kg
  3. Find the work done in moving a charge of 4 c across the potential difference of 18v?
  4.  Which animal creates ultrasound? Bat, Dolphin
  5.  After fertilization, zygote grows into ____. Embryo
  6.  First Indian city to employ a robot in traffic control. Indore
  7.  Which country has the longest coastline? Canada
  8.  What is the unit of power? Watt
  9.  What was the theme of Film Festival in which Sonam Kapoor won the best actress award for the film Neerja Bhanot?
  10.  Who played the role of Allaudin Khilji in Padmavat movie? Ranveer Singh
  11.  How many water molecules are present in 1 mole of washing soda?
  12.  Who was given a 2017 Nobel Literature Award? Kazuo Ishiguro
  13.  Which film was given the Best feature film award in 2018 National Awards? Village Rockstar
  14. Women Entrepreneurship platform is launched by? Niti Aayog
  15.  Who is the PM of Japan? Shinzo Abe
  16.  Who is the Manchester of India? Ahmedabad
  17.  Which is the largest planet of the solar system? Jupiter
  18.  Who is the President of Venezuela? Nicolas Maduro
  19. Which is the cleanest railway station? Jodhpur
  20.  Name the best living city in the world. Vienna
  21.  What is the Formula of Methyl Isocyanate which was leaked in Bhopal Gas tragedy? CH3NCO
  22.  Winner of Red Ink Lifetime Achievement Award in Journalism 2018: William Mark Tully
  23.  Which union minister launched powertex to encourage handloom? Union Minister of Textiles, Smriti Irani
  24.  Which tissue is responsible for flexibility in plants? Collenchyma
  25.  In which process, oxygen is released into the air? Photosynthesis
  26. Which company reached $900 billion $900 billion in trade after apple? Amazon
  27.  Which place is known as ‘the princess of hill stations’? Kodaikanal
  28.  India won how many medals in us open karate championship held in las vegas 2017? 2
  29.  In which medium, the sound has maximum intensity? Solid
  30.  What is the valency of electropositive elements?
  31.  Hundred Years War was fought between which two countries? France & England
  32.  “HOUSALA 2017” relate to what?
  33.  HCF of two Co-Prime numbers? 1
  34.  Upper House of Parliament is called? Rajya Sabha
  35.  Which metal reacts with steam to produce metal oxide and hydrogen? Iron, Aluminium and Zinc.
  36. King of Acid? Sulphuric Acid (H2So4)
  37.  Find out the odd one: Virat Kohli, Alexander Graham Bell, Alexander Fleming, Newton
  38.  In which year BSE was established? 1875 39. What is the term of office of members of Rajyasabha? 6 Years
  39. If Teacher is related to class in the same way driver is related to? Vehicle 


  1.  Who were the winners of the Banga Bhushan award? Asha Bhosle
  2.  Who is the author of the book A book of light? Peter Levitt
  3.  If the length and breadth of a rectangle are in the ratio 3:1 & the perimeter is 96, find the length? 36 cm
  4.  The rise in sugar level is detected by ___cells? Beta cells of Pancreatic Islets
  5.  Who is Women and child development minister? Maneka Sanjay Gandhi
  6.  Best CM Award of 2017? Vashundra Raje
  7.  Who won the Oscar Film of the year 2018 – Shape of water
  8.  The lens cannot be made by which of the following: Water soil glass fibre?
  9.  A shopkeeper gets a profit of 19% after selling an article for Rs 595. What will be the profit % if the same article is sold at RS 475? 5% Loss
  10.  Who won Polly Umrigar Award 2018? Virat Kohli
  11.  Which country will host the ISSF World Shooting Championship 2019? India
  12.  330×11 = 55 x ? Find “?” 66
  13.  What is the capital of Norway? Oslo
  14.  President of Hockey India – Rajinder Singh
  15.  Half of HCF of 36 & 144? 18 56. Which city hosted the Global Entrepreneurship Summit for the first time in South Asia? Hyderabad
  16.  Who is the Minister of Culture? Mahesh Sharma
  17.  Find the angle between force & displacement when no work is done?
  18. . Who has been re-elected as ICC President? Shashank Manohar
  19.  Constituency of Cornad Sangma? South Tura
  20.  The English patient book got which prize? Golden Man Booker Prize
  21.  Baking powder is the mixture of? A mixture of sodium bicarbonate, NaHCO3, cream of tartar (potassium bitartrate, C4H5KO6) and corn starch.
  22.  Official partner of hockey men’s world cup 2018? Odisha Mining Corporation Limited
  23.  A body rolls down on a hill has? Rolling Friction
  24.  A particle completes 40 vibrations within 2.5 seconds. Find its frequency?
  25.  Area of the triangle .. with 3 straight lines …X + y = 0, 3x = 5y, Y = 3x – 12 67. Cot^4 ø + cot^2 ø = 3.6 … cosec^4 ø- cosec^2 ø = ?
  26. Hormones in plants help to bend towards sunlight is? Auxin
  27.  Elements of atomic no 57 belong to which group? Elements of atomic no 57 belong to which group- Lanthanum, Lanthanide series(Group 3)
  28. Carnegie medal of philanthropy award for 2017 too?
  29. Arogya 2017 held in? New Delhi
  30.  Konark sun temple built by? Sun temple in Konark, Odisha was built by Narasimhadeva I of the Eastern Ganga dynasty in 1255.
  31.  A chemical ____ is present in the cork cells. Suberin 74. GES 2017 held in? Hyderabad

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Lots of you might be looking for your own Railway Question | RRB Model Question Paper.  But the majority of you have no luck in getting the appropriate source of discovering the gk railway Hindi.  Now, we worked hard and accumulated some most asked topics like railway recruitment board gk questionsworld gk, Maths, Botany, Famous Days & Dates, Sports, Art & Culture, Government Schemes, Sports Quiz, Science & Technology, Indian Geography, World Geography, Current Affairs, and other Trending stuff.  Therefore, by assessing each and every category, you will all get a chance of exploring each of the subjects.  Thus you may hold a grip in getting a basic knowledge about each and each sector, rather than having zero ideas.  Please remember that the simple fact that the GK RRB Questions Gathered on this webpage, are to help and provide you all a platform to practice.  This will not guarantee you that just these issues or questions are significant.  
Railway Question | RRB Model Question Paper
So the basic idea of adding GK RRB Important Question would be to test the enroller’s capability. Therefore, now all those people that are preparing for the different Competitive or positioning Tests, should clinic all these Questions. This doesn’t indicate that only from all of the RRB Questions will come. This will let you all have a general idea. And this practice will also boost up your confidence. Thus you may execute and give your best.  Do not worry, we will certainly, update each and every subject daily. So, the contenders can get the info on every topic Up to date. Now, all you have to do is research this Huge collection. And use this for your own preparation. Because as well as the general knowledge quiz, we even provided the correct answers.
This is a very rare location, where all the people will get both the Railway Question | RRB Model Question Paper and Replies without searching much.  So, obviously, you may attempt to attempt the Railway Question | RRB Model Question Paper. There is a Whole Lot of collection of GK Railway In Hindi. And if you do not know the correct answer, you are able to find out it on the same webpage itself. This will surely lower your search time. Therefore, in the time period, you may actually check more stuff. Thus, go through each and every topic link available on this site.  We can confidently, guarantee you that these railway gk Hindi will assist you in getting the basic knowledge.  Please return to our website MyNotesAdda.com and check the upgraded stuff regularly. 


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