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Indian Politics General knowledge Questions

Indian Polity GK Questions:- In this Blog, we are sharing 100+ gk questions and answers related to Indian polity. Indian polity is one of the most important parts of the General knowledge that’s why we selected some important questions of Indian polity questions and answers. you also read this Indian constitution articles

Practicing General Knowledge Questions and Answers are very important for gaining marks in your Govt Exams. General Knowledge has major three-part 1) Indian history 2) Indian Geography 3) Indian economics 4) Indian polity. we also provide you GK QUIZ here, so you will practice them as much as you want 


     1.   A federal structure for India was first put forward by the :

           (1) Act of 1909   (2) Act of 1919

          (3) Act of 1935    (4) Act of 1947 


 (3) Act of 1935

2.   Which of the following exercised the most profound influence in framing the Indian Constitution?

(1)   British Constitution

(2)   US Constitution

(3)    Irish Constitution

(4)    The Government of India Act, 1935


(4)    The Government of India Act, 1935


3.   How does the Constitution of India describe India as?

(1)            A  federation  of  States  and Union Territories

(2)            A Union of States

(3)            Bharatvarsh

(4)            A federated nation


(2)  A Union of States


4.   The system of judicial review originated in

(1)   India            (2) Germany

(3) Russia          (4) U.S.A.


(4) U.S.A.


5.   Preventive detention means–

(1)    detention for interrogation

(2)    detention after interrogation

(3)    detention without interrogation

(4)    detention for  cognisable offense.


(3) detention without interrogation


6.   What was the basis for constituting the Constituent Assembly of India?

(1)            The Resolution of the Indian National Congress

(2)            The Cabinet Mission Plan, 1946

(3)            The Indian Independence Act, 1947

(4)            The resolutions of the Provincial/State Legislatures of the Dominion of India


(2)  The Cabinet Mission Plan, 1946

7.   From the Constitution of which

country the provision of Federation was borrowed while framing the Constitution of India?

(1)            USA               (2) UK

(3) Canada         (4) Switzerland


(3) Canada

8.   Who among the following was not a member of the Constituent Assembly established in July 1946 ?

(1)  Dr. Rajendra Prasad   (2)    K M Munshi

(3)  Mahatma Gandhi        (4)   Abul Kalam Azad


(3)  Mahatma Gandhi

9.   Who was the Chairman of the Drafting Committee of the Constitution ?

(1)  J. B. Kripalani      (2)  Rajendra Prasad

(3)  J. L. Nehru           (4)  B. R. Ambedkar


(4)  B. R. Ambedkar

10.    India is a republic because—

(1)            it isdemocratic country

(2)            It    is     a    parliamentary democracy

(3)            the head of the state is elected for a definite period

(4)            All of these


(3)  the head of the state is elected for a definite period

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