Indian History Gk Questions and Answers

Indian History Gk Questions


Indian History Gk Questions

Indian History GK Questions:- Indian history is one of the important parts of govt exams. this consists of three-part 1- Ancient History, 2- modern History, 3- medieval History but now a day most of the questions come from modern history. so today we will provide you some of the important GK questions and answers related to Indian History.

In this blog of General Knowledge, we will provide you some important gk questions and answers that always come in govt exams like SSC, BANK RAILWAYS ETC.



      1.  Which among the following chronology is correct regarding four samvatas?

(1)      Gupta–Gregorian–Hizri–Saka

(2)      Gregorian–Saka–Hizri–Gupta

(3)      Saka–Gregorian–Hizri–Gupta

(4)      Hizri–Gupta–Gregorian–Saka  

(1) Gupta–Gregorian–Hizri–Saka


2.  The home of Gargi, Maitreya, and Kapila was at

(1)   Vidisha            (2) Ujjain

(3)   Pataliputra      (4) Mithila 


(4) Mithila


3.  Which area of India was known as Avantika in ancient times?

(1)     Avadh          (2) Ruhelkhand

(3) Bundelkhand  (4) Malwa


(4) Malwa


4.  The Social System of the Harap- pans was :

(1)      Fairly egalitarian

(2)      Slave-Labour based

(3)      Colour (Varna) based

(4)      Caste-based


(1)   Fairly egalitarian


5.  Which of the following Vedas provides information about the civilisation of the Early Vedic Age?

(1)   Rig-veda           (2) Yajur-veda

(3) Atharva-veda (4) Sama-veda  


(1)   Rig-veda


6.  The university which became famous in the post-Gupta Era was :

(1)      Kanchi       (2)  Taxila

(3)  Nalanda     (4)  Vallabhi


(3) Nalanda


7.  Banabhatta was the court poet of which emperor?

(1)      Vikramaditya

(2)      Kumaragupta

(3)      Harshavardhana

(4)      Kanishka


(3)   Harshavardhana


8.  The first Indian ruler, who established the supremacy of Indian Navy in the Arabian Sea was :

(1)     Rajaraja I       (2) Rajendra I

(3) Rajadhiraja I        (4) Kulottunga I


(1) Rajaraja I


9.  Which statement on the Harap- pan Civilisation is correct?

(1)      Horse sacrifice was known to them.

(2)      Cow was sacred to them.

(3)      ‘Pashupati’ was venerated by them.

(4)      The culture was not generally static.


(4)  The culture was not generally static.


10.  The First Tirthankara of the Jains was :

(1)     Arishtanemi      (2) Parshvanath

(3)      Ajitanath            (4) Rishabha


(4) Rishabha

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