GK Questions of Indian Modern History

indian modern history questions
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GK Questions of Indian Modern History

Indian Modern History:-   we provide the competitive exam based GK question and answer of the GK India history. These GK questions and answers will help you to get your govt gob. Here, you can try and check your knowledge of India’s modern history.

Morden History Question and answer help ho be Indian Modern History increasing your IQ level of general knowledge. And you can check your knowledge here in some easily stop and give the answer to the questions.

Modern History is an important part of General knowledge and most of the questions come from this modern history, so will share some of the important Gk Questions and Answers 



1. Who said that the exploitative nature of British rule was ‘Bleeding India White’?

a) Tilak

b) Dadabhai Naoroji

c) Hume

d) Annie Besant


2. “India for the Indians” was the political message of

a) D E Wacha

b) Vivekanand

c) Dayanand 

d) Hume 


3. Which of the following was the ‘Newspaper’ of Annie Besant? 

a) The Hindu 

b) Indian Express 

c) The Times of India 

d) New India 


4. Aligarh Muslim University was founded by 

a) Jinnah 

b) Syed Ahmed Khan 

c) Abul Kalam Azad 

d) Bhutto 


5. Match the following: 

List-I                                                                              List-II 

A. Swaraj is my birthright                                         1. Moderates 

B. It is not reforms but re-form                                 2. Lajpat Rai 

C. A subject people have no soul                               3. BC Pal 

D. Policy of petitions, prayers, and protests            4. Tilak 

Choose the correct answer from the codes given below: 


           A       B      C       D  

a)       1        2      3       4 

b)       4       3       2       1  

c)       3       4       2       1 

d)       2       1       3      4 


6. Who said that the constant ‘drain of wealth’ from India was responsible for India’s economic miseries? 

a) BC Pal 

b) BP Wadia 

c) Dadabhai Naoroji 

d) GS Arundale 


7. As per the Act of 1919 which of the following statements was not correct? 

a) British India must remain an integral part of the British Empire. 

b) Responsible Government would be realized only by the progressive stages. 

c) Provincial subjects were classified into Reserved subjects and Transferred subjects. 

d) The salary of the Secretary of State for India was not to be paid by Parliament. 


8. As per the Act of 1919 which of the fol lowing was not a Transferred subject? 

a) Education

 b) Museum 

c) Medical Relief 

d) Land Revenue 


9. The Dyarchy which was introduced in 1921 in provinces was in force till the year 

a) 1927 

b) 1935 

c) 1937 

d) 1947 96 Mastering GK K KUNDAN 


10. The Home Rule League was formed during the 

a) First World War 

b) Partition of Bengal 

c) Struggle following the Jallianwala Bagh Massacre 

d) Implementation of Minto-Morley Reforms 


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