GK Questions and Answers In English

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GK Questions and Answers

GK Questions and Answers in English- Gk question for competitive exams preparation and for your gk Knowledge. General Gk and explanations are very useful for your Govt Exam. This Gk Questions With Answers for those Students who are preparing for Government examinations should read this page.  Download Gk questions Answers in Hindi, gk questions With Answers, and practice online GK quiz PDF at the End of the Blog.


General GK Questions is the most powerful topic for all Sarkari exams because GK covers all important topics. Best GK Questions 2019 are very easy to read and easy to learn that increase your Gk numbers in Govt Exams. This Gk Answer in Hindi is most useful for all those exams. In this post, we provide the best Gk questions and answers and cover most of the GK TOPICS.


  1.  Alpha-keratin is a protein present in which thing? Wool 
  2.  Where was the first session of the Constituent Assembly held? New Delhi 
  3.  Which of the following is used as ‘a moderator in a nuclear reactor? Graphite 
  4.  Which planet looks reddish in the night sky? Mars 
  5.  What was the source of the blue gemstone, lapis lazuli, for the people of Harappan culture? Afghanistan 
  6.  Sachin Tendulkar scored his 100th international century against which’ country? Bangladesh 
  7.  In baseball, the two opposing teams consist of how many players? 9 players each 
  8.  The improper function of which results in condition ‘Myxedema’ in human beings? Thyroid gland 
  9.  In 1610, Galileo Galilei discovered four moons of which planet? Jupiter 
  10.  In the Vedic society, which was the term used to denote a group of families? Grama 
  11.  Who was the Chairman’ of the Union Constitution Committee of the Constituent Assembly? Jawaharlal Nehru 
  12.  Which element does not occur in nature but can be produced artificially? Plutonium 
  13.  When had India a planned holiday? After the drought of 1966 
  14.  How are Latitude and Longitude? Perpendicular to each other 
  15. Which Philosophy holds that the world is created and maintained by Universal Law? Jain Philosophy
  16. Which book is authored by V.S. Naipaul? A House for Mr. Biswas
  17. Which can be used for biological control of mosquitoes? Gambusia 
  18. Which proclamation of National Emergency automatically suspends? Right to freedom 
  19. The latitude of a place is the same as which place? Celestial pole
  20. What was the script used in the earliest Tamil inscriptions? Brahmi 
  21. In which technology do Cryogenic engines find applications? Rocket technology
  22. Shovna Narayan is a reputed personality in which field? Classical dance 
  23. During which Plan did prices show a decline? First 
  24. Which instrument used for finding out wind-direction? wind vane
  25. Which ports handled the north Indian trade during the Gupta period? Broach 
  26. Which vitamin is considered to be a hormone? D 
  27. On the basis of financial crisis how many times has an emergency been declared by the President of India? Not even once 
  28. Which is the element found on the surface of the moon? Titanium 
  29. Why is the ‘Beaufort Scale’ used? To measure wind velocity 
  30. Which Tomar ruler is credited to have established Delhi? Anangpal



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GK related Question and Answer

Q1. The 24th Meeting of the Eastern Zonal Council will be held in?

(a) Patna, Bihar (b) Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

(c) Ranchi, Jharkhand (d) Bhubaneswar, Odisha (e) Kolkata, West Bengal

Answer – D


Q2. Name the 6th Coast Guard Offshore Patrol Vessel (OPV) which has been launched recently in Chennai.



Answer –A


Q3. Which country has been ranked 3rd in Hurun Global Rich List 2020 released by Hurun Report?

(a) Russia (b) Japan

(c) India (d) France (e) Australia

Answer – C


Q4. On which day the World NGO Day is observed globally to raise awareness about the Non- Governmental Organisation (NGO) sector?

(a) 25 February (b) 26 February

(c) 29 February (d) 28 (e) 27 February

Answer –E


Q5. The Government of India (GoI) has announced the mega event “Responsible AI for Social Empowerment 2020 (RAISE 2020)” to be held in?

(a) Mumbai (b) New Delhi

(c) Chennai (d) Kolkata (e) Bengaluru

Answer – B


Q6. Name the mobile application recently released by the Central Board of Secondary Education to help the students to find their examination center and see the distance between current location and examination center.



Answer – E


Q7. Who has been appointed as the next Ambassador of India to France?

(a) PK Mishra (b) Nripendra Misra

(c) Jawed Ashraf (d) Rajeev Capoor (e) Mohan Pandey

Answer – E


Q8. Name the financial organization which has raised Rs 850 crore (USD 118 million) from a new issue of offshore Indian rupee-linked 10-year bonds.

(a) New Development Bank (b) World Trade Organization

(c) World Bank (d) Asian Development Bank (e) International Monetary Fund

Answer – D


Q9. Name the bank from which the Reserve bank of India has removed the restrictions of opening new branches without prior permission.

(a) Punjab National Bank (b) Bank of Baroda

(c) Axis Bank (d) HDFC Bank (e) Bandhan Bank

Answer – E


Q10. The 5th edition of the India-UK joint Air Force Exercise “Indra Dhanush Exercise 2020” begins at Air Force Station Hindan in?

(a) Uttar Pradesh (b) Madhya Pradesh

(c) Rajsthan (d) Gujarat (e) Bihar

Answer – A

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