General English Questions for REET and CTET Exam

General English Questions for REET and CTET Exam

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General English Questions
Here, I am sharing General English Questions and Answers for those aspirants who are preparing for the REET and CTET Exams. In these exams, English grammar questions are generally asked under General English Section.

Students can easily get free General Knowledge Mock Test and Current Affairs Mock Test on this platform for online exam practice to obtain good marks in the competitive exams.

General English Questions for REET and CTET Exam
Q : The king died —–

(A) hareless

(B) heirless

(C) hairless

(D) airless

Correct Answer : B

Q : My friend is a —– officer.
(A) navval

(B) navel

(C) naval

(D) none of these

Correct Answer : C

Q : —– is a heavy metal.
(A) led

(B) lid

(C) lead

(D) none of these

Correct Answer : C

Q : My sister cooks
(A) raise

(B) rose

(C) rice

(D) rise

Correct Answer : C

Q : Avoid —– eating for healthy living.
(A) meet

(B) meat

(C) meate

(D) mete

Correct Answer : B

Q : The —— of a snow clad mountain is exciting.
(A) site

(B) cite

(C) sight

(D) none of these

Correct Answer : C

Q : It is not healthy to use hair.
(A) dice

(B) dye

(C) die

(D) dyes

Correct Answer : B

Q : —– is an attractive
(A) rows

(B) rose

(C) rouses

(D) none of these

Correct Answer : B

Q : He —– well when he was at school.
(A) rote

(B) wrote

(C) rout

(D) route

Correct Answer : B

Q : Please remove the —–
(A) rid

(B) reed

(C) read

(D) redo

Correct Answer : B

General English Questions

Q : she committed suicide because the constant criticism of her relationship from society made her precarious.
(A) Angry

(B) Disturbed

(C) Insecure

(D) Lonely

Correct Answer : B

Q : A group of people from the society cleared up the fritters to celebrate the world environment day.
(A) Waste

(B) Crowd

(C) Wrappers

(D) Garden

Correct Answer : A

Q : The jury decided to sentence the indictment for child abuse and murder of the victim.
(A) Criminal

(B) Murderer

(C) Accused

(D) Leader

Correct Answer : B

Q : Although the measures are being taken by the government, the labors class is in abject condition amidst the virus spread across the country.
(A) Miserable

(B) Terrible

(C) Earned

(D) Worthy

Correct Answer : A

Q : In the hospital, for some inexplicable reason, he had an argument with the staff assisting the
(A) Stupid

(B) Unexplainable

(C) Ridiculous

(D) Legitimate

Correct Answer : B

Q : Tim ______ work tomorrow.
(A) isn’t going

(B) isn’t

(C) isn’t going to

(D) isn’t to

Correct Answer : C

Q : You should ______ swimming.
(A) start up

(B) get off

(C) take up

(D) take off

Correct Answer : C

Q : She ______ me to go to school.
(A) said

(B) told

(C) suggested

(D) made

Correct Answer : B

Q : Would you mind ______ the window?
(A) closing

(B) close

(C) to close

(D) closed

Correct Answer : A

Q : You ______ better see a doctor.
(A) did

(B) would

(C) should

(D) had

Correct Answer : D

Q : The wind is variable today.
Synonym of the word in bold?

(A) mild

(B) Shifting

(C) Steady

(D) Chilling

Correct Answer : B

Q : A good judge never gropes ____ the conclusion.
(A) for

(B) to

(C) at

(D) on

Correct Answer : A

Q : India is committed ____ a policy of peaceful existence.
(A) of

(B) to

(C) with

(D) for

Correct Answer : B

Q : My relations _____ Suganya are good.
(A) against

(B) with

(C) on

(D) to

Correct Answer : B

Q : I am used ____ such hardships.
(A) at

(B) to

(C) for

(D) from

Correct Answer : B

Q : We must keep ____ something for the rainy day.
(A) by

(B) for

(C) at

(D) in

Correct Answer : D

Common Errors in Tenses Grammar for SSC Exams
(1) When the Principal entered the class, a student………. on the blackboard.

(a) Wrote

(b) was writing

(c) writes

(d) is writing

Ans . B
(2) She………TV when her husband came.

(a) watch

(b) was watching

(c) is watching

(d) watched

Ans . B
(3) He always………to prove that the earth revolves round the sun.

(a) tried

(b) tries

(c) was trying

(d) is trying

Ans . B
(4) He saw me by chance and……….the car.

(a) stop

(b) stopped

(c) stops

(d) was stopping

Ans . B
(5) How many pegs of wine……yesterday?

(a) you have drank

(b) were you drinking

(c) did you drink

(d) do you drink

Ans . C
(6) I was watching TV when she…….in.

(a) comes

(b) came

(c) come

(d) was coming

Ans . B
(7) She cut her finger while she……..vegetables.

(a) cutting

(b) was cutting

(c) cut

(d) had cut

Ans . B

(8) She still remembers the day when she first…… church.

(a) went

(b) was going

(c) gone

(d) going

Ans . A
(9) The train had left before I…….the station.

(a) reach

(b) was reaching

(c) reached

(d) reaches

Ans . C

(28) When I reached the station, I found Shashi……for me.

(a) was waiting

(b) waits

(c) waited

(d) waiting

Ans . D
(29) I opened the door and saw that it……..

(a) rained

(b) has rained

(c) was raining

(d) were raining

Ans . C
(30)………….you like milk or tea ?

(a) Are

(b) Have

(c) Does

(d) Do

Ans . D
Tenses Questions and Answers

(31) Columbus…….America.

(a) discovers

(b) discovered

(c) has discovered

(d) had discovered

Ans . B
(32) He…….born in 1984.

(a) is

(b) has

(c) was

(d) had

Ans . C
(33) No, she is not here, she……just…out.

(a) has, gone

(b) is, going

(c) was, going

(d) will have, gone

Ans . A

(34) We………a friendly cricket match in the evening.

(a) were playing

(b) have played

(c) played

(d) are playing

Ans . C
35. what……. you going to do with this briefcase?

(a) will

(b) shall

(c) are

(d) were

Ans . C
36. An honest man always……. the truth

(a) speak

(b) speaks

(c) spoke

(d) speaking

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Ans . B

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