Blood Relation Reasoning Question Answer PDF

Blood Relation Reasoning Question Answer PDF
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Blood Relation Questions with Answers PDF

Blood Relation Question PDF with Solution :-  Today we Provide you Blood Relation Questions PDF for all competitive exams. this pdf is very important for SSC, UPSC, Railway, State PCS, Teacher Exams, CTET, UPTET, Defence Exams, Police, Constable, and other Sarkari exams. we provide free Study material Reasoning, English Grammar, Hindi Grammar, Environment, Indian History, Geography, Indian Polity and Constitution, Economy, Computer, General Knowledge, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and General Science.

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Our reasoning pdf For Competitive Exam in PDF  very Simple and Easy. We also Cover Basic Topics like Maths, Geography, History, Polity, etc and study materials including previous Year Question Papers, Current Affairs, Important Formulas, etc for upcoming Banking, UPSC, SSC CGL Exams. Our PDF will help you to upgrade your mark in any competitive exam.

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रवि सिंह द्वारा बनाए गए दिशा एवं दूरी नोट के महत्वपूर्ण टॉपिक्स को पढ़ने के बाद टेस्ट सीरीज डाउनलोड करे :-

  • डायरेक्शन डेफिनेशन
  • डायरेक्शन नेम
  • घड़ी रिलेटेड क्वेश्चन
  • डायरेक्शन बेस्ड क्वेश्चंस
  • दिशा एवं दूरी से संबंधित प्रश्न
  • दिशा और दूरी दोनों पर आधारित प्रश्न
  • उत्तर, दक्षिण, पूरब, पश्चिम से संबंधित महत्वपूर्ण प्रश्न

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Previous Years Asked Reasoning Questions (पिछले वर्षों के पूछे गए रीजनिंग प्रश्न)

Q. दिए गए विकल्पों में से संबंधित अक्षर / शब्द / संख्या को चुनिए।


Q. दिए गए विकल्पों में से संबंधित शब्द / अक्षर / संख्या को चुनिए।

49: 216 :: 36:? ANS: 125

Q. पांच दोस्तों के बीच; सतीश, किशोर, मोहन, अनिल, और राजेश, मोहन सबसे ऊंचे हैं। सतीश किशोर से छोटा है, लेकिन राजेश से लंबा है। अनिल से छोटा है किशोर लेकिन सतीश से थोड़ा लंबा। राजेश से लंबा कौन है लेकिन अनिल से छोटा है?

दिया हुआ,


इसलिए, केवल सतीश राजेश से लंबा है, लेकिन अनिल से छोटा है। ANS: सतीश

Q. उन शब्दों का चयन करें, जो दिए गए शब्द के अक्षरों का उपयोग करके नहीं बनाए जा सकते हैं,

असुविधाजनक?  ANS: अंतरात्मा की आवाज।

Q. एक निश्चित कोड भाषा में, अगर DEAN को NOKX के रूप में लिखा जाता है, तो NEED को कैसे लिखा जाना चाहिए

वह कोड?

D + 10 = N, E + 10 =O, A + 10 = K, N + 10 = X

इसी तरह, N + 10 = X, E + 10 = O, D + 10 = N  ANS: XOON

Q. EI, JR, LM, _?  ANS: XZ

Q. 3,6,9,36,41…? ANS: 246

Q. निम्नलिखित में से विषम को खोजें: जड़, झाड़ी, पेड़, जड़ी बूटी।ANS: रूट

Q. चौथा तत्व खोजें। 36:25 :: 100:? ANS: 81

Q. 23: 8 ∷ 62:? ANS: 36

Reasoning Handwritten Notes PDF In Hindi

दिशा परिक्षण (Direction Test):-

Direction test is an important topic because at least 2-3 questions are asked in all competitive exams, in this, all types of questions related to direction are asked in the exam like if a person is moving in a certain direction and moving forward. moves to the right and left, then what will be the direction of moving forward in its present position.

व्यवस्था क्रम(Ranking):-

Arrangement is an important topic of reasoning. In order to which rank a person, object is situated before or after itself, this rank itself tells the arrangement action, like the seating arrangement of all the students sitting in a school class. Only the serial number of that student in the karma tells the karma.

असमानता की जाँच (Test of Inequality):-

In this section you are given many options, some options are same or match with them but some options are different or different from them or we have to check the same inequality in this section which is different from other options.

वर्णमाला परीक्षा (Alphabet Test):-

The systematic alphabetical sequence of letters A to Z is called the English alphabet. In this chapter, questions are asked related to reviewing the position of letters on the basis of place value of letters located in the English alphabet or observing/representing the sequence of letters/alphabeticals that have been changed from a letter located in a certain sequence.

श्रृंखला (Series) :-

The sequence of numbers or letters located in a group is called series. In this, the karma of each next or first number or letter is based on a certain change happening in the given series, if this series continues with a certain change then it will be the correct series, in this we have to understand the change of the series. The letter or number that comes next or asked has to be brought at that place.

सादृश्य परीक्षा (Analogy test):-

(Analogy) is a cognitive process in which knowledge or information of one subject is transferred to another subject. Analogy is called Analogy Test in English.

कूटलेखन/कूटवाचन (Coding Decoding Test) :-

The method of writing a word or letter in a sign language is called encoding or coding, and by coding a word or letter, it is called encoding / decoding.

रक्त सम्बन्ध् (Blood Relation):-

Blood relation is also an important part of Reasoning. Many questions related to blood relation are asked in competitive examinations, in this we have to tell the relation of any particular person to any other particular person.

पदानुक्रम (Sitting Arrangement):-

Telling the karma of a person sitting at a meeting or table or what will be the definite karma of a particular person sitting at that mug or table from another person.

कैलेन्डर (Calendar):-

In all competitive exams, questions are asked from the calendar. Therefore, it is necessary for the students who are preparing for SSC and Bank exams to be aware of the calendar. From this topic, questions related to year wise and date are asked. For example, in the year 2000, what was January 3rd?

घड़ी (The clock):-

Very easy and good questions are asked in clock related exams, so it is very important to have good knowledge of this topic in reasoning subject, in this all questions are asked related to clock.

The clock has three hands, the largest hand represents the second, the middle one represents the minute and the smallest hand represents the hour. This needle completes one round in different times.

More Free Notes PDF

Reasoning Question Answer

1. The average of first 50 natural numbers is …………..

A. 25.30
B. 25.5
C. 25.00
D. 12.25
B. 25.5 

2. A fraction which bears the same ratio to 1/27 as 3/11 bear to 5/9 is equal to ……….. .
A. 1/55
B. 55
C. 3/11
D. 1/11
A. 1/55 

3. The number of 3-digit numbers divisible by 6, is ………….. .

A. 149
B. 166
C. 150
D. 151
C. 150 

4. What is 1004 divided by 2?
A. 52
B. 502
C. 520
D. 5002
B. 502 

5. A clock strikes once at 1 o’clock, twice at 2 o’clock, thrice at 3 o’clock, and so on. How many times will it strike in 24 hours?

A. 78
B. 136
C. 156
D. 196
C. 156 
6. 106 × 106 – 94 × 94 = ?

A. 2004
B. 2400
C. 1904
D. 1906

  B. 2400 


7. Which of the following numbers gives 240 when added to its own square?

A. 15
B. 16
C. 18
D. 20

 A. 15 

8. The simplest form of 1.5: 2.5 is …………….

 A. 6: 10
B. 15: 25
C. 0.75: 1.25
D. 3: 5
 D. 3 : 5 
9. 125 gallons of a mixture contains 20% water. What amount of additional water should be added such that water content is raised to 25%?
A. 15/2 gallons.
B. 17/2 gallons.
C. 19/2 gallons.
D. 81/3 gallons.
  D. 81/3 gallons. 
10. Evaluation of 83 × 82 × 8-5 is …………. .

A. 1
B. 0
C. 8
D. None of these.
 A. 1. 

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