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Hindi GK Question with answer

1. Who has been appointed as the new chairman of Central Board of Indirect taxes and Customs (CBIC)?

[A]John joseph

[B]Vanaja N. Sarna

[C]Mahender Singh

[D] S Ramesh


2. Who has been appointed as the acting Chairman of the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC)?

[A]Arvind Saxena

[B]Sudha Jain

[C]Kirti Kumar

[D] Omi Agrawal


3. Pappu Karki, the popular Kumaoni folk singer has passed away. He was native of which state?

[A]Jammu& Kashmir

[B]Himachal Pradesh


[D] Assam


4. India’s first-ever national police museum will establish in which city?




[D] Kolkata


5. The Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) is in news for appointing Sharad Kumar as new Vigilance Commissioner. As per which committee’s recommendations, the CVC was set up?

[A]Nittoor Srinivasa Rau commiittee

[B]Tejendra Mohan Bhasin commiittee

[C]KV Chowdary commiittee

[D] K Santhanam commiittee


6. Which country will host the 45th G7 summit 2019?




[D] Canada


7. Which country’s women cricket team has clinched the Asia Cup Twenty-20 tournament 2018?

[A]South Korea



[D] Pakistan


8. Who has won the men’s singles French Open tennis tournament 2018?

[A]Novak D jokovic

[B]Dominic Thiem

[C]Roger Federer

[D] Rafael Nadal


9. Which country’s football team has lifted the 2018 Intercontinental Cup football title?


[B]Sri Lanka


[D] Argentina


10. Shantaram Laxman Naik, who passed away recently, was the former Congress chief of which state?




[D] Karnataka



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