Science Economic And Geography Most Important Terms

Science Economic And Geography Most Important Terms

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 Topics Include In Science Economic And Geography Most Important Terms

 Geography Terms 

absolute location

The particular location of a point on the Earth’s surface that can be expressed by a grid reference such as latitude and longitude.


A locational characteristic that permits a place to be reached by the efforts of those at other places.[2]

accessibility resource

A naturally emergent landscape form that eases communication between areas.[2]

acid rain

Rain that has become more acidic than normal (a pH below 5.0) as certain oxides present as airborne pollutants are absorbed by the water droplets. The term is often applied generically to all acidic precipitation.

active volcano

A volcano that is currently erupting, or one that has erupted within the last 10,000 years (the Holocene) or during recorded history.

agricultural geography

A subdiscipline of geography which studies the spatial relationships between humans and agriculture and the cultural, political, and environmental processes that lead to parts of the Earth’s surface being transformed by humans through primary sector activities into agricultural landscapes.

alluvial fan

A distinctly triangular, fan-shaped deposit of sediment transported by water, often referred to as alluvium. Alluvial fans usually form at the base of mountains, where high-velocity rivers or streams meet a relatively flat area and lose the energy needed to carry large quantities of sediment, which ultimately spreads out in all available directions. They tend to be larger and more obvious in arid regions.

alluvial plain

A wide, flat, gently sloping plain created by the long-term deposition of alluvium from one or more rivers flowing from highland regions, and typically characterized by various fluvial landforms such as braided streams, terraces, and meanders. Alluvial plains encompass the larger area over which a river’s floodplain has shifted through geological time.

alluvial soils

Soils deposited through the action of moving water. These soils lack horizons and are usually highly fertile.


Clay, silt, gravel, or similar detrital material deposited by running water.[2]


The height of an object in the atmosphere above sea level. Compare elevation.[1]


The region of the Earth that is south of the Antarctic Circle.

Antarctic Circle

The southernmost of the Earth’s two polar circles of latitude, south of which the sun appears above the horizon for 24 continuous hours at least once per year (and is therefore visible at midnight) and also appears at least partially below the horizon for 24 continuous hours at least once per year (and is therefore not visible at noon). Its latitude is approximately 66°33′47.1″ south of the Equator. Contrast Arctic Circle.



The conversion of open spaces, landscapes, and natural environments by human action.



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