Phrasal Verbs list pdf


Phrasal Verbs list pdf

SSC CGL, BANK, RAILWAYS, RRB NTPC, LIC AAO, etc. Exams are starting after a few months. In those exams, a lot of questions are coming from Phrasal Verbs list pdf, so Phrasal Verbs list pdf is important in all exams. In Our PDFExam Website providing you an Important PDF of Phrasal Verbs list pdf which is helpful for Students who preparing for all such competitive exams. Common questions are placed in Phrasal Verbs list pdf which has been put together in most examinations, you can download this PDF Notes very simply by clicking on the Download Button at the bottom.

There are around 20-25 questions in each Government Exams related to GK Questions in Hindi and you can solve 18-20 questions out of them very easily by reading these Notes of Phrasal Verbs list pdf. The complete PDF ofPhrasal Verbs list pdf is attached below for your reference, which you can download by clicking at the Download Button.

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 Topics Includes In Phrasal Verbs list pdf

breathe in Air goes into your lungs when you breathe in. ________________________

come in The President came in and everyone stood up. ________________________

fall in * The dog slipped and fell into the river. ________________________

get in * He got in the car and drove away. ________________________

go in I’m scared. I don’t want to go in. ________________________

move in We will move into our new flat next week. ________________________

break in Someone broke into my flat and stole my TV and my wife’s jewellery. ________________________

get in Russians can’t get into Europe without a Schengen visa. ________________________

check in You can check in any time after 14:00. ________________________

log in I can’t log into my account because I have forgotten my password. ________________________

sign in We have to sign in when get to work. ________________________

let __ in The security guard didn’t let me in because I didn’t have any ID. ________________________

put __ in * Please put the cups in the cupboard. ________________________

* you don’t need to use ‘to’ in these cases. Get in the car. Put it in the box. He fell in the pool.

breathe out Air goes out of your lungs when you breathe out. ________________________

fall out We have window bars so that the children don’t fall out of the window. ________________________

get out They took the photo when she was getting out of the car. ________________________

go out Do you mind if I go out for a cigarette? ________________________

keep out You should keep out of the forest. It is dangerous. ________________________

move out I want to move out of my parents house when I get a job. ________________________

check out You must check out before 11:00. ________________________

sign out We have to sign out when we leave the office. ________________________

cut __ out Draw three circles and cut them out. ________________________

get __ out My leg is stuck and I can’t get it out! ________________________

let __ out Who let the dogs out? ________________________

take __ out It’s my job to take out the rubbish. ________________________

take __ out Please take everything out of your bag. ________________________

take __ out Where’s the bank? I need to take out some money. ________________________

throw __ out We don’t need this anymore. Let’s throw it out. ________________________

get up I usually get up at 8am on weekdays. ________________________

go up I am lazy so I prefer to go up to the third floor in the lift. ________________________

go up I think prices will go up next year, so it is better to buy it now. ________________________

hurry up We will miss the train if you don’t hurry up. ________________________

fill up I need to go to the petrol station to fill up. ________________________

speed up You can speed up now – we are on a fast road. ________________________

stand up Everyone should stand up when the President enters the room. ________________________

warm up We sat by the fire to warm up. ________________________

fill __ up Pass me your cup and I will fill it up. ________________________

heat __ up If it is too cold you can heat it up in the microwave. ________________________

pick __ up Please pick up all the toys and put them in the box. ________________________

put __ up We usually put up our Christmas decorations on the 24th. ________________________

speed __ up I deleted lots of programmes to speed up my computer. ________________________

turn __ up I can’t hear the music. Please turn it up.

Some Important Questions Related To Phrasal Verbs list pdf


1)The Chairman is ill and we’ll have to ……. the meeting for a few days.

a) put on

b) put of

c) put away

d) put off

Answer:(D) put off/bg_collapse]

2) The cat and the dog have a ……. enemy in the rat.


b) common

c) mutual

d) similar


3) He told me that he …….. watching the movie.

a) is finished

b) was finished

c) had finished

d) not finished

Answer:(c) had finished/bg_collapse]

4) He is very good …….. making stories.

a) in

b) about

c) at

d) for

View Answer
Answer:(c) at

5) I do my work …….. carefully to make mistakes.

a) so

b) very

c) too

d) more

View Answer

Directions ( Q. Nos. 6-10 ) :In questions choose the word opposite in meaning to the given word :

6) Plausible

a) inplausible

b) unplausible

c) implausible

d) displausible

View Answer

7) Frailty

a) energy

b) intensity

c) vehemence

d) strength

View Answer
Answer:(d) strength

8) Genial

a) stupid

b) stingy

c) boorish

d) unkind

View Answer

9) Prevent

a) protect

b) block

c) hinder

d) induce

View Answer

10) Demolish

a) shift

b) build

c) repeat

d) hide


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